Palm Sunday U.S.A.

Today, or yesterday (depending on when you read this), was Palm Sunday. Just like a good pastor, Steve spoke about Palm Sunday and the entrance of Christ. He really hit it from the standpoint of Christ entering the city and walking to His death. He spoke of how He knew what the Pharisees were thinking. He knew they wanted to kill them. Jesus knew that when He entered into the city, He would incite a huge movement among the people and that they would want to make Him king. He knew that the people would clamor for Him to become king and kick out the Romans. And He knew that this would force the hands of the Pharisees.

Here are a couple thoughts on the sermon:

1. Through Jesus’ entire ministry, you keep hearing Him say, “This is not My time.” He was continually preserving Himself until it was time to turn Himself over. This is just a bigger thought of Him willingly walking towards the cross, and voluntarily giving Himself up. No one took His life. No one forced Him to the cross. Not only did He walk to the cross, but he purposely arranged the environment so that they would be forced to do it. For me.

2. The other thing is how much was available to the people that they had no clue about. They wanted Jesus to come and rule their country, their people. The people’s desire was to have Him take the throne of their kingdom. But what Jesus wanted to do what rule their hearts. he wanted to take the throne of their hearts. So much more was available, but they were settling for an earthly ruler. They were settling for a political Messiah, when Jesus wanted to be the Messiah of their individual lives.

This got me thinking about how our country pretty much does the exact same thing. When anything happens, such as 9/11, people’s reaction is to say “God Bless America!” What do they mean by this? Well, I imagine the blessings they have in mind are monetary wealth, safety, and power. People cry out for God to give us blessings to make our country better, but there is so much more available. God doesn’t want to be God of the country. He wants to be the God of your heart. He wants you to join His kingdom.

It seems that sometimes even we are so short cited when it comes to the blessings that God wants us to experience. Our minds immediately go to the budget, the house, the car. We’re crying for God to bless us, but I don’t know if we are desiring the right blessings. It is easy enough to look at the Jews and say, “Wow! They had no idea what was available to them!” Its another thing to make the same mistake in our own lives.


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