Opening Day!

I’m not going to be posting a lot of pics of Micah on my blog, but I thought these were appropriate. For those of you who don’t know, and curse you if you don’t, today is Red Sox Opening Day. Apparently someone decided that the first game of the season should be the AAAA league (that’s from Bill Simmons, so I can’t take credit for it). So even though there was a game last night, the league hasn’t really started until the REAL league, the American League, starts.

So in honor of opening day, here are a few pics of the #1 Red Sox Family:


We’re really looking forward to this season. The starting rotation is great, and there is even an open spot for Clemens. That’s right! i’m calling it now, Clemens returns to the Sox! The line-up is balanced, not as good as a couple years ago, but still very solid. I love having J.D. Drew in the five spot. Say “Hello R.B.I.’s!” And Papelbon is back in the closer spot. They just have to limit his load so as not to overwork his shoulder. But that should be too hard, because we got four work horses in the rotation. Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka, and Wakefield can all go late in a game. Then you have Lester coming up, and even Cla Buchholz coming up.

It really looks like we have a better rotation than the Yanks, who still have the better lineup. I like that Sheffield. To me, he was the most feared bat in that lineup. I hated seeing him come up. And I LOVE that Pavano is their opening starter. But while their staff took a step back, I think they’re better off, having gotten a couple great arms from Detroit for Sheffield. They’re getting back to their original game plan, by storing up young talent. Maybe they’ll use them in a trade, or hold on to them and let them play it out.

Whatever happens, this will be a great season, because it’s our first with a new little fan. Go Sox!


3 comments on “Opening Day!

  1. rachaph says:

    So I didn’t read any of the text, but the pictures are great! I love how he fits into your glove. It looks like he is opening his eyes some and looking around! He holds a baseball very well…hmm… maybe he’ll play some sort of ball sport with those big hands!

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    Truly inspired pictures! Do I notice some red in that hair color?

  3. ehudadams says:

    yes, if you read HIS blog, you would know that he thinks our hair is similar.

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