No, Don, You Aren’t a Good Person

I’m not about to get involved or talk about what Don Imus said or what should be done, because that’s a horse that is full of bullets and buckshot right now. But I do have one thought on another part of the story. The other morning Micah and I were watching the Today show when he was being interviewed. He ended the interview with saying that he was a good person. He didn’t deny he did something stupid, but said he is still a good person. They’ve even let him finish the week out on the show so that he can prove that and raise money for kids with cancer.

Having just gone through Way of the Master with our high school kids, this is one of those things that just really jumps out at you when you hear it. But I’m sorry Don, you aren’t a good person. But I’m not a good person either. In fact, Romans 3 makes it clear that no one is. No one is righteouss. No one is good. No, not one! You aren’t a good person and that is why you made a stupid comment like you did.

But this shouldn’t come as bad news to you. Instead, it should give you hope, because it means that the answer does not lie within you. We all say stupid things and we’re not good people who make ‘mistakes’. We’re sinners who sin. And we have a Savior who forgives our sin to the depths. We’re all sinners, and we can all be forgiven by grace. We all stand guilty before God, and He is the righteous judge. But He’s also the loving God who provides a way for us to avoid this punishment and embrace the riches of eternal life. That’s the good news that comes out of realizing that we’re not good people.


One comment on “No, Don, You Aren’t a Good Person

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Admitting you’re NOT a good person is a very big step, but the most important one we’ll ever make. We are so used to comparing ourselves with each other, instead of fathoming how guilty we stand before a holy God. We may feel quite comfortable with the “God of our imagination”, but we eventually we will come before the REAL God. But , praise God, He provided a way of forgiveness – repenting of our sin and trusting in Christ’s Atonement.

    We watched “The Way of the Master” videos, which show numerous examples of asking people, “Are you a good person?”. The answer was unanimous – everybody THOUGHT they were. I, too, thought of that when I heard Imus say he was “a good person”.

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