Paging Mr Sherlock, Mr Sherlock Your Assistance Is Needed

The other morning I went out to my car to get to some meetings at church at found something very, very odd. I made my way into my car to find stuff scattered all over the passenger’s seat. I realized that it was the things that are normally in my center console. I knew someone had been in my car.

I quickly looked around to make sure everything was there. A few months ago someone had come in and stolen the cd’s on my visor. So i scanned to see if I’d been ripped off again. CD’s? check. Map book? check. Wallet (don’t worry, I don’t keep anything valuable in my wallet, just business cards and stuff)? Check. Change in my ash tray? check.

Hmmm…. someone went through my car and didn’t take anything… But there was still something even more strange to be discovered. Two notebooks, that were not in my car when I got out the night before. I took a look at these notebooks and they appeared to be some sort of assignment books for a English as a second language class.

So, lets pause here and think about what happened. Someone, wanting to get away from the frigid SoCal nights, went in my car to study? Or did they go in looking for goods to steal, heard someone coming and ran away. Having set down the notebooks, they forgot to take them in their haste? Maybe they are trying to frame me for something, like stealing the assignment notebooks from a professor.

As i stepped out of my car, I noticed a fully smoked Marlboro cigarette. Hmmmm… Then, not too far away was a match from a matchbook… So maybe this was a child who was trying to find a place to smoke and study? They opened my ashtray to put in the cigarette, only notice that there was change in there. They would not be interested in pennies, so they left the change.

That afternoon I took some time to do some snooping around the apartment building to see if anyone recognized the notebooks. I went to the apartments that might know something, but had no luck. What I did find out is that I’m not the only whose car has been broken into. One guy has had his car broken into multiple times. Another had the antenna on his car taken. One lady was surprised that no one has broken into her car, telling me its better than mine so you’d think someone would have gone there. (it didn’t sound snobby when she said it)

I took a better look through these notebooks, and they have answers to tests in it, critiques of people’s public speaking, even a few scribbles on how to pronounce, but written in Chinese. Then one page had ‘USC Language Center’ written on it. Another had a phone number with my area code on it.

So here is my temporary conclusion. These were left by a student that goes to the USC language center, but lives in my area. They were looking for some academic edge, but alas, had no luck. The person was snooping through my car, and went for the center console, which was the most visible part. They heard someone coming, and quickly took off, accidentally leaving behind the notebooks.

what the person did not know is that I will not rest until I figure this out. I have the name of a school, class numbers, a phone number, and a bunch of names. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated. Oh, and if Sherlock happens to be reading this, I’ll happily take your input.

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6 comments on “Paging Mr Sherlock, Mr Sherlock Your Assistance Is Needed

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Agatha Christie wouldn’t let this go, either! 😉 I DO suggest you remove CDs, change, wallet, and everything else from your car. He’ll probably be back. You may not have a second opportunity! Did he wreck the locks on your doors?

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    I’d ALSO keep only copies of favorite CDs in your car. If they are taken, you’ll still have the originals!

  3. ehudadams says:

    yeah, I got all the cds on my laptop anyways. the doors were unlocked, no ‘forced’ entry, other than lifting up the handle. I’d been keeping the doors locked, but just didn’t that time. apathy i guess.

  4. beth says:

    Maybe he was looking for your crack pipe.


    On the topic of smoking… I’m amazed at how many people who live around me smoke. I saw a girl smoking outside at Dartmouth the other day- it looked so weird, so out of place, and then back in Canaan, I would say at least 50% of adults are smokers.

  5. BethsMomToo says:

    That girl was Dartmouth’s “designated smoker”. They insist on meeting ALL quotas! 😉 Canaan, however, is a different story. They probably just haven’t caught up with the rest of America yet. Did you find more smokers in WV?

    That was one thing that really hit Dad and I about Europe. They still smoke there as heavily as people USED to smoke here. It was hard to ignore in restaurants. My eyes often became watery and I had a hard time trying to ignore it. They didn’t have exhaust systems, either.

    Smoking used to be a fact of life, but things have certainly changed here. You’re right…now smoking seems like an anomaly to me – except for the HS aged kids – Still plenty of smokers in that age group. I feel bad for them knowing how painful it will be for them to quit once they want to.

  6. ehudadams says:

    yeah, people seem to smoke a lot more back east than they do here. I remember there were always kids smoking after school at Pinkerton, but I don’t see it anywhere around here. But they’re probably just smoking pot in their car or doing Crystal Meth here. pick your poison.

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