So How Did You Get to My Blog?

Having the wordpress blog, I’m able to see how people got to me blog. Sometimes they take links in, and sometimes they use search engines. Here is a collection of some of the more odd searches used to get to my blog:

rick pitino pregnant cheerleader

Video of Nose Pickers

“my ankle” “shoe off”

disco bolen

mickey rooney jr + the lord’s link minis

“doug wilcox” music

christian comic strip romans 12:2

greek gods and men of reknown

in america what is another name for pal

verse of jesus as a homeless man

“I’m all advil” commercial

winter olympics monkeys hot tub

John MacArthur nursing babies

sensative gone

is nancy pelosi a christian

AVION lightening

balloon bomb at rite aid

“Eddie Gibbs”


7 comments on “So How Did You Get to My Blog?

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    So what do you suppose is “Doug Wilcox” music? I’m not even TOUCHING “John McArthur nursing babies”!

  2. Doug Wilcox says:

    Jeepers! Doug Wilcox and music definitely don’t belong together!

    I’m disturbed by how people get to my site: Given the space I’ve given sexual abuse, I pick up a lot of people looking for kiddie porn. I also find things like pedaphiles looking for pictures of children bathing or “going potty.” Sad.

  3. ehudadams says:

    i was hoping you might bring an explanation for that. have you ever had someone looking for John MacArthur breastfeading?

  4. Doug Wilcox says:

    I can explain some of those combinations. For example, “John MacArthur nursing babies” is probably a search for a particular sermon or document (if it’s the same John MacArthur) where breastfeeding is mentioned.

    Because you’ve used both terms in your BLOG (probably in different posts), you can score a hit on that search.

  5. BethsMomToo says:

    What’s REALLY funny is that NOW if you google any of the things on this list…YOUR blog comes up at the top of the list!! Your site is not one of the top choices for these searches! [I thought that would make you feel good… ;)]

  6. BethsMomToo says:

    It IS interesting to contemplate what someone might have been looking for with “disco bolen”. Does Todd have an interest he’s never mentioned? 😉

    He’s headed back to the States soon to work on his Ph.D. Any idea why he chose Dallas? Maybe they have a better program for his particular interests? Does Masters offer a Ph.D.? Or could it be just that you’re supposed to have your Masters and Ph.D. from different schools, so that you’ll be considered more “well-rounded”? Have you heard any info concerning his choice? [I’m feeling badly for the IBEX kids who won’t have him as a teacher!] [Beth…did you catch the ___ly? ;)]

  7. ehudadams says:

    obviously I don’t know Todd and don’t know his reasons, but the only doctorate offered at TMS right now is a Doctrate of Ministry, and I doubt that is what Todd is going for. If he was looking to be ‘well-rounded’, he wouldn’t get it at Dallas, at least how the world would call it. But yeah, TMS only has one doctorate option and even that is new within the last couple years.

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