God Doesn’t Believe in Athiests

Just heard about a debate that is coming up. Sounds interesting and something that should be watched. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron will be taking on two atheists in a debate. But here’s the kicker. Comfort and Cameron will seek to prove God’s existence apart from the Word of God. They will not speak of their faith in God, but prove that He exists through other means.

This debate will happen on Saturday, May 5th. It will be covered by ABC for the show “Dateline” and will be hosted by Martin Bashir. Here’s a link for more info.


4 comments on “God Doesn’t Believe in Athiests

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    It’s on the show “Nightline”, NOT “Dateline”. – and only excerpts will appear. TNBC DOES plan to stream it live on the Internet, though.

    Thanks for bringing our attention to this, Tim. Except for “Lost” and “The Great Race”, I haven’t a clue what’s on TV these days.

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    ooops…I meant “ABC”

  3. ehudadams says:

    yeah, sorry about that mistake. Nightline / dateline/ 20/20 / 60 minutes. i can’t keep them straight.

  4. BethsMomToo says:

    HEY – Did anyone catch this? There’s no way I could stay up that late and function the next day. [Read: “old fogie”]

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