Day in Hollywood

This upcoming weekend we’re having a Bananarama with our high school group in Hollywood. It’s basically a scavenger hunt based around a banana. They have to measure things, find things that have to do with bananas, have people sign their bananas, etc. So Leah, Micah, and I headed out for Hollywood on a beautiful Thursday afternoon and made up the list for the kids to use.

While we were there, we ate lunch at the Disney Soda Fountain shop attached to the El Capitan theater. That theater is right next to where they film the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. So we’re sitting there, eating lunch and I see Jimmy’s Uncle Frank walk by. It caught me by surprise, wondering why they don’t have a back door to use. Then a few more minutes go by, and Cousin Sal walked by. Just thought I’d share these average D-minus celebrity sightings.

Besides that, I sat back and watched the characters dressed up in costumes pose with people on the other side of the street. They are incredibly gross and low rent. I have no idea why they do it and if it’s really worth their job. A lot of them are just dirty and look like they live out of a car.

one character that has been getting in trouble is the Chewbacca guy. He was arrested for assault and then I saw him bickering with people and lifting up his mask and yelling at other people. First, it was between him, Yoda, and a black catwoman with purple hair. Then came along Elmo and Homer Simpson, and they started yelling at him. Soon, Winnie the Pooh, a swashbuckler, a really creepy, scary looking monster and a dirty SpongeBob Square Pants were all looking to see what was happening. Michael Jackson, Marylin Monroe, tall creepy guy in a trenchcoat, and poorly dressed pirate were not involved.

I would love, just for one day, to get in a suit, and hang out and hear them all talk. Do they have turf? How much money do they make? are they there everyday? just would have some questions.

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3 comments on “Day in Hollywood

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Sounds really “other-worldly”! I can see the whole thing in my imagination – incredibly bizarre!

    Ah…the banana scavenger hunt! I remember the summer you did this with FBC’s youth group. [My car still smells like a banana daiquiri.] The absolute worst part was what you made me do with that banana, which had almost liquefied, at the end of the game. AND you made me do it in a speed contest against the other teams.

    I think it all began with the innocent, “Mom, I need you to help drive during Youth Group this week.” Did you plan it from the start? Was it a momentary revenge for making you memorize vocabulary words? Did you want to make sure I would never forget you, even though you’d be living so far away from me when you returned to school in the fall? Or were you sure that I would cooperate and not let you down in front of everyone, giving it my utmost “Costine competitive best shot”?

  2. ehudadams says:

    you know, I had completely forgotten about that? All I remember is realizing after everyone left that I was there by myself for like two hours. I didn’t really plan that through. I went down into the 4 and 5’s room and watched Veggie Tales. good times.

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