Chimps and Humans share the same blood?

How many of you have heard the little fact that chimps and humans share 94% of the same DNA? I heard this again this past week on the Today show. It just drives me crazy. Well, according to the book “In Six Days”, they reveal that the DNA they talk about is the coding used for protein is actually only 1.5% of the total DNA. Does that sound like it is misleading to say that chimps and humans have 94% of the same DNA?


3 comments on “Chimps and Humans share the same blood?

  1. Beth says:

    Yes, and we share about the same precentage with lizards as well. It’s all in how the genes are regulated- and genes make up a suprisingly small portion of the DNA. Much of the non-coding (non-gene) DNA is involved in regulation and much of it they don’t know what it does yet.

    The whole theory of evolution is based on the fact that if things are similar it means they evolved when in fact, the redundancy is genius. To have such diversity from the same components. Even within an organism, within a cell there is redundancy to ensure that homeostasis is maintained and that mutations/failure does not occur.

    there are entire papers and areas of study that look at percentages and how closely organisms share the same genes- making what is called “clade trees”- they map out how things evolved. It’s entirely presumptious.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey, Nissan Sentra’s are very similar to Nissan Maxima’s, ERGO, Nissan Maxima’s evolved from Nissan Sentra’s!

    Or maybe it’s just that Maxima’s and Sentra’s are similar because they share the same designer?


  3. Dino says:

    Even if we share 94% of DNA, it’s not a big worry. Humans share 90% with a lowly bacterium and yet look how much difference there is! DNA is “ginormous.” 6% is still enough to determine a a large difference. Anyway, despite its similarity, it doesn’t necessarily imply evolution. It just means the formula works.

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