Bananarama: Hollywood Edition

This past Saturday we went out to Hollywood for our Bananarama, which is a scavenger hunt organized around the banana. The kids broke up into teams and had to try to get all 66 items on their list. They had to measure things, have people sign the banana, and even get someone to give something up for a banana. And as was bound to happen, it ended up being my group that got a condom for their banana. The lady just threw it at us, while the boyfriend ran off, humiliated. I gave it to Geoff, whose getting married in a month.

Here are some pics of Hollywood and the characters around there. I think my favorite one is “Middle Aged Man” dressed up as Superman. He’s a fat, short, white, blond guy with a fanny pack. Very high on the unintentional comedy scale. Unfortunately, Elmo was no where to be found.













3 comments on “Bananarama: Hollywood Edition

  1. Beth says:

    That’s what I’ll do after my posdoc! Be a character on Hollywood blvd! It would have to be a character that Nehemiah could join in. I could be C3PO and he could be in a little bucket as R2D2. I wonder how much money we would make. I think with Nehemiah would could rake it in. At yardsales a couple weeks ago people were giving us stuff- or they would keep giving him stuffed animals.

  2. Doug Wilcox says:

    Superman looks a little overweight, and I think he should hav Lasix surgery.

    Hey, you got to meet Satan! That’s so cool. I’d always thought the wings were just figurative, but I see I was wrong.

  3. BethsMomToo says:

    Even Superman ages and “thickens up”. Huh. Is that Marilyn Monroe or Candy in American Graffiti?

    I imagine those two food vendors move the night the Academy Awards use the Kodak Theater. Or have I just not noticed them on the red carpet?

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