Jury Duty and the Will of God

This morning I reluctantly submitted myself to the civil responsibility of serving Jury Duty.  It had been something that I have always had some interest in, but hardly at this point in my life.  I initially was scheduled to go in on Micah’s due date, but was able to delay it until after graduation.  But today was the day to report for this privilege.

The day started with me finding my way in the jury assembly room, and low and behold, I bump into one of my friends i had just graduated with, Joe Young!  After hearing some of the introductory info, he filled out a paper to get his jury duty moved so he could go candidate at a church.  So then i was alone.

After all of the intro stuff, it was our job to just sit there and wait for them to randomly call our names.  One group gets called without my name getting read, so I continue to sit there, reading up on some of the movies being released this summer.  Then the ‘voice’ came over the room and said for everyone to put down their newspapers and listen to the requirements of this next case.

We were told that the group in the room had been narrowed down to those whose job covered at least 27 days.  I knew this narrowed it down quite a bit, as most are covered for around 10-15 days.  Mine? 30 days.  I’m think I’m toast.  The guy read through a bunch of reasons as to why you would be able to say no.  If you have children that are dependent upon you, are taking care of an elderly person, are self-employed, medical issues, or a paid vacation planned.  nope, none of that fits me.

So he’s reading through the names and gets through about 10, and then it comes… “Tim Costine.”  Arg.  So all I know at this point is that I have to report on June 21, the case will take 27 days.  Does that number include weekends?  i don’t know.  All I know is that it is a civil case, I have to report in less than a week, and we’ll see if I get put on the jury.

This got me thinking about what I should do.  My immediate reaction is to say that I will act up the crazy, fundamental Christian label and get myself thrown off.  But I’m immediately reminded of what I’ve challenged the kids with.  The fact that God has placed us in any situation that we find ourselves in should drive us to living for God’s glory wherever we are.  Can I say that God’s will is that I be at church, working in the youth group, or should I open my eyes and realize that this is the situation that God has placed me in.

I’ve also been challenging the kids to glorify God with all of their mind and their deep thinking. That definitely includes jury duty.  Maybe God wants me on that jury to bring Him glory in that jury box.  How, I don’t know at this point.  But i know that it is God’s will to approach this the best that I can, and if I get on the jury, then I get on.  If I’m tossed, I’m tossed.

Another thought was that it seems that for the last few years I have found myself in the frame of mind that I’m always looking forward to the next task.  I think that I’ll get going on something, once I’m done with school.  Or once I get that paper in.  Or once I get back from NH.  This habit is easy to find yourself addicted to, and I have had to break myself of it.  It is easy to say that I will concentrate on what I’m going to be doing when I’m done with whatever is going on now.  Instead of living for the glory of God in the moment, it is easy for us to say that God will use us when we get to what it is that we think is more important.  But this is where God has me.  God doesn’t have me in the office for the next month.  That means that wherever it is that God has placed me, then that is where He wants me.

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3 comments on “Jury Duty and the Will of God

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    This is just like that young soldier I wrote about, who was “unexpectedly” called up to Iraq. I really admired him because he saw clearly that that was God’s current task for him, and not an unexpected “interruption” away from his own plans. The hard part is remembering to realize that when you are in the middle of it! You’re right, it’s easy to get into the “project” to “project” mindset and not pay attention to right now. Encouraging word and good reminder. When you think about it, it’s a great chance to participate in the American process. It’s just that we have our lives so filled with so many things that it seems hard to completely change direction and rearrange everything.

  2. Mark says:

    I got kicked off a jury once by playing the “I’m a crazy liberal college student” card, but then again, I wasn’t a Christian at the time, and I was a crazy liberal college student! 😉

  3. Beth says:

    I’ve been praying for you this week. Leah said you’re very busy- and on top of it jury duty.
    I know what you mean about looking for the next thing. I really have been trying to enjoy the moment- or else I look foward to the next thing all day … which is usually at 8:30 pm- so then I think– am I living for 8:30 to 10 pm when I am free to do my own thing… that’s silly.
    Being exposed to the court myself it’s interesting to see the government in action. Usually we don’t have experience with it since we are law abiding citizens. Gives you a picture of justice, and it’s cool to think that God is control of every judge. There is a law and they rule according to it- they don’t tailor it to your personal situation. I think we think of our time before Christ our judge- the bema seat where we are evaluated and we won’t be able to say… “but I didn’t serve you because….” it’s all just laid out there. Fortunately, we won’t be judged for our sins that would be worse. Imagine going through life, dying, and relize that you are a law breaker with no one’s righteousness to rely on…

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