Busy with CORE Week


Sorry i haven’t been posting, but things are very busy with CORE Week this week.  The theme is Verdict, based upon the judgment that everyone faces when they die.  All will appear before Christ, and the question will be asked, ‘How do you plead?’

Tonight I will be introducing the topic of the trial and how we all must face God when we die.  I will be concentrating on the brevity of life and how this is not a decision to put off.  The next night I will be introducing the topic of the judge, God.  This has been more difficult than I first thought.  I kind of feel like I’m standing at the foot of Mt. Everest, holding a mini maglite, pointing it towards the mountain, and asking people to realize the magnitude and beauty of the mountain.  It is too large to comprehend.  And I can’t imagine sounding coherent and trying to get it all in in 30 minutes.  I guess I’ll let you know how it goes.

But I would appreciate your prayers as I try to survive this week.  I’m trying not to burn out and work 13 hour days like I have in the past.  It is all a part of learning to balance ministry, which I’m sure will continue to be a project for the future!


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