A Great First Night

Last night was our first night of CORE Week, and it is always difficult to know what the turn out is going to be like.  You can somewhat gauge what the response will be by seeing what the kids are doing as far as they invite friends.  But I wasn’t really feeling a huge desire for the kids to invite friends.  I decided i wasn’t going to worry about it and leave it up to God.  Thankfully, the turn out was great, and we had over 130 students, plus the leaders, staff, and a few parents.

We started the evening out with some Kijabe Kan Kan.  It’s a favorite game around here where the kids pull each other around a bucket holding on to ropes.  If they hit the bucket or let go of the rope, they’re out.  It is a heated competition and something the kids look forward to everywhere.

Then we moved into the youth center for worship and the message.  I spoke on the brevity of life, used a few illustrations like the water spray, and spoke of Loren Murray.  That turned out to really speak to some kids who just had a friend drown last week.  The girl was a outspoken Christian and this really caused these friends to think about it.

We went into the side room and talked about what was going on in their heads and hearts and a little while later I had the privilege of leading them to salvation in Christ!  Their names are Gilbert, Nikki, and Jared.  You can pray that they will grow in their young faith.  They have all grown up going to church, but realized they had never fully relied upon the grace of God for their salvation.  They knew that if they were to stand before God, that they would not have anything to say other than that they’ve been a good person or have gone to church all the time.

It was great to see the lights go on and see them rejoice in the knowledge that they were now living under the grace of God.  Please pray for them.  They will all be back at some point this week, so I will be able to have some follow-up.


2 comments on “A Great First Night

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    We’re having our VBS this week at FBC. Sarah St. J and I are the teaching about Jesus calling Peter and Andrew, James and John…”I will make you catch men”. During the second half I showed a great cartoon from Sunday’s paper, showing “Moses” holding a tablet saying “Don’t worry. Be happy.” The cartoon asked, “What if Moses had accidentally picked up a Buddhist tablet?”

    I used it as a kick-off to our discussion about how the Christian message is different. I used your analogy about a mag-lite on Mt. Everest, in an attempt for them to think about the magnitude of God. (yes… I DID give you the credit!) Today we had the 5th/6th graders (my SS kids and a number of visitors). Steve D. was their leader. I’m sure he’ll do a great follow-up with them.

    In the first half when we were reading through our Bibles, I kept throwing out questions to all the kids. Several times I almost called on Eric and Bailey for answers! Well…. they USED to be my SS kids. They just grew up on me and now they’re the leaders. Isn’t that great?!

  2. Beth says:

    Sounds great Tim, I’ve been praying. I like the theme this year- very direct and to the point!

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