Some People Just Can’t Get Away From It All

I saw this interesting article. Apparently, camp grounds are beginning to offer Wi-Fi.  Campers need no longer to go somewhere else to log on, but can surf the internet from the comfort of their camp-site.  This is another alarming bit of evidence that Americans don’t know how to be still and quiet.  They can’t stand to actually slow down and think.

A big reason why camps are so successful in student ministries is because it gets people away from their life.  I couldn’t begin to imagine the disastrous effect this would have on those camps.  I don’t know if some would take it this far, but this is pushing God further and further out of the sight of people.  Living in a city, I am able to see how much they are monuments to man and their accomplishments.  God becomes less and less visible through the Creation that surrounds man because man does everything that they can to distract themselves from it.

I know that most of the people who read this live in the country and don’t have this perspective, but it is sad to see how man is becoming less and less aware of the beauty of God’s creation.  When we take our kids to Hume Lake, they are immediately struck with the beauty of Creation.  The hills and mountains cry out that God created them, and now people are doing more to ignore that.  just sad.


One comment on “Some People Just Can’t Get Away From It All

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    In the places where we used to go camping, we had problems finding an outlet for Beth’s lens sterilizer! Remember? We always purposely picked the most rustic places to camp. If you had electricity, we weren’t interested. Beth even disdained using the camper. It was the tent for her (unless it rained in the middle of the night, of course!).

    I DO prefer a shower building, however! I was surprised to recently discover that not all State Parks have them. “Roughing it” only goes so far at this age!

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