CORE Week Update II

Wanted to take a minute to update you all about how CORE Week is going. The Lord has continued to be bless us with His faithfulness to change lives. On Monday, three teenagers made professions of faith, and then Wednesday night two more made professions as well as three more that were very convicted of the power they were giving sin in their lives. And that is just who has walked into our decision room. we’ve heard many more stories of people who have been convicted of the way they are living, and God is still working in some of the kids hearts to bring them to that point.

Last night, I spoke about the defendant and how he stands before the judge. We spoke about what sin really is, that it isn’t a mistake, its not the influence of the negative world, and they are little problems in our life. We spoke of how the Bible defines sin and then spoke for awhile about how we have often domesticated our sin and have become content to not put it to death.

Tonight I will be speaking of the verdict, the sentence, and the substitution. Please pray for the lives of some kids who have really been on my heart this week. They have yet to really embrace the message of the cross and are content to be ‘casual christians’. I’m praying that tonight will be a turning point in their lives.

Please also pray for a young man that I led to Christ on Monday. he comes from a Muslim family and is from Indonesia. His dad is apparently ok with the path that he has taken, but he is receiving quite a bit of opposition from his mother. She has apparently forbade him from attending church. We’re meeting for lunch today, so you can pray that I have the right things to say and that he has the strength and grace to continue in his faith. He is very young in his faith and is already facing pretty significant opposition.


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