Carlton Pearson Re-Writes the New Testament

We live in a world where it is hard to know what is truth and what is not. I know we have this thing called ‘the Bible’, but that thing is so vague and outdated. That’s why it is so helpful that we have people like Carlton Pearson. You’ve probably heard of this theological-trendsetter, but if you haven’t, here’s the deal.

Carlton Pearson was a pentecostal preacher who led a church that had 5,000-7,000 attenders each week. He was a big draw and preached the terrors of hell. That is, until he got a new message from God. One day, he was thinking about Hell and thinking about the nature of Jesus, and realized that the two didn’t match. he says, “‘God I don’t know how you’re gonna call yourself a loving God and allow those people to suffer so much and then just suck them into hell.’ And I believe it was the Spirit of God in me saying, ‘Is that what you think we’re doing?'”

So this great preacher began to change the way he looked at Hell and came up with the “Gospel of Inclusion”. He decided that it was better to abandon the almost two thousand years of men and women with solid teaching, and abandon the teaching of the New Testament itself because of a feeling he got while watching the news.

Another thing I heard in another interview was Carlton saying that a close friend of his came and told him he was gay. Instead of applying the Word of God to his friends heart, he instead questioned God. He said he was a very spiritual person for 3 reasons:

1. He loved the Lord- a seemingly very subjective thing. And does he love the Lord as the Bible calls him to, or as the culture around him calls him to?

2. he loved Gospel music- OF COURSE!!! The second main sign of someone who loves God is someone who loves Gospel music. that’s solid.

3. he was a doctor- i’m sorry, but you have three evidences for salvation and these are the best three that you can come up with?

Pearson goes on to say that the New Testament is outdated and says “slaves obey your master” and “hate your parents”. Obviously, Pearson has a very clear grasp of context, biblical interpretation, and general NT theology.

The interviewer asked the following question: You mean Hitler is in Hell? And Pearson responded by saying, “You think Hitler’s more powerful than the blood of Jesus? I mean, I got a hell to put a lot of people in. I’d sent Hitler and every slave trader straight to hell and a few deacons in my church if you wanna know the truth—I’d send people to hell, but I’m not God. He’s the atoning sacrifice for our sins and not ours only, but the sins of the whole world.”

Is he listening to himself? It’s one thing to believe in annihilationism, and its a whole nother thing to believe in universalism. You basically have to ignore too many texts of the NT, but that’s not a problem for Pearson, who has decided that he likes his new definition of God rather than the Biblical one.

Thankfully, his congregation dwindled to a few hundred people, and has lost his church. He now has started a new church and is spreading his glorious truth of the ‘Gospel of Inclusion’, which will successfully include more people in hell, which it ironically stands against.


One comment on “Carlton Pearson Re-Writes the New Testament

  1. Beth says:

    I heard him interviewed on This American Life last year. Of course, they spun it seeing things from his side and how “intolerant” the rest of his church was for calling him a heretic. Many in his new congregation are Unitarian.

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