My Buddy Joel’s New Book

Somehow, all the kids in my youth group love to bring up Joel Osteen just to see how I handle it.  They know that I completely disagree with his philosophy of ministry and his approach to evangelism, so they love to bring him up in conversations.  Well, my buddy has a new book “Become a Better You”.  My favorite part comes without even opening the  book when you see that Joel used the same photographer  that takes the senior pictures for the local high school yearbooks.


In this great piece of non-fiction, Joel presents 7  keys to becoming a better you.  Don’t you just love that vague goal?  At what point do you know you have fully become a better you?  What is the better you?  What is ‘better’?  Should you want to become a ‘better you’?  Verse and chapter please, Joel.

So here are the seven keys:

1. Keep pressing forward.  I would love to read this book to see how he defines ‘forward’.  What is it that we are pressing forward to.  The upward call that is in Christ Jesus?

2. Be positive toward yourself.  About what?  Your sin?  And how vague is this?!  This also sounds a little bit like “the Secret” which encourages people to remain positive and visualize good things.

3. Develop better relationships.  Biblical relationships, Joel?  Because that would call for discipleship that takes sin seriously, church discipline, which you would be against.  Better relationships would mean Christ-centered preaching and conversation.

4. Form better habits. Habits of my flesh or habits of my Savior?  Because if I were to become a better me, that would not entail focusing on Christ, but focusing on me.
5. Embrace the place where you are.  Whaaaaaa?  Is this to be combined with “Keep Pressing Forward”.  Remain where you are, but press forward.  Is this place geographical or metaphorical?

6. Develop your inner life.  Wow, Joel just can’t say “Christian”.  Is this justification or sanctification?  He’s just so general and vague, and packaged to appeal to the biggest audience possible.  It’s so sad that he’s so unwilling to take a stand and speak the truth, and goes for the middle ground when it comes to something that is so important and central.

7. Stay passionate about life.  Or…. stay passionate about CHRIST!!!!!  Why does he find it so hard to say ‘Christ’ or  ‘sin’ or ‘justification’.


2 comments on “My Buddy Joel’s New Book

  1. jrf says:


    Guess what event I’m working on the 31 of august? JOEL OSTEEN in the flesh! He’s bringing his circus to the staples center and I get to sell candy to his minions. I wonder if they are good tippers.

    I think you should go beyond, “disagreeing with his philosophy of ministry and approach to evangelism” and just come out and say that he’s a false prophet
    whoa! I’m really starting to sound like a TMS guy

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    I suspect his definition of a “better you” would be a “happier you”… but then again, happy in the short term sense [“the passing pleasures of sin”?] or in the REAL happiness of being reconciled with God through Christ?

    Don’t people just see “car salesman” written all over that face? I guess there’s a tendency to buy books that tell you what you want to hear and give you a false sense of security. I think it’s call “itching ear” syndrome.

    What do you suppose will happen to him when he loses his boyish good looks?

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