Last Post Before Camp

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be at camps for the next week and a half.  I know that many of you have made visiting my blog a daily exercise, so I wanted to let you know to not bother checking this one for the next week and a half.  If you are going to have a hole in your life that you must fill, I recommend you check out this site. Thanks, beth, for that link!

I do ask that instead of checking out my blog on a daily basis, that your prayers would be a great and welcomed substitute.  This is the second year that I’ve had to do Jr High and High School camp back to back, and I pray that it is the last.   The prep work for both at once is insane and too many things to keep track of.  Too many buses, camp reservations, campers adding and dropping last minute, and messages to prepare.

Jr High Camp: “Sold-Out”

This year I was further convinced that the bus companies have circulated my picture to all of the local offices with the heading “Mess With This Guy”.  A couple of days ago I received the great news that the bus company was not able to bring us up.  The great customer service there had told me that we had a reservation, and then decided to call me two days before and say that we didn’t.  Thankfully, (questionably?) this year’s attendance for Jr High is quite a bit lower than normal, so I decided it’d be better and cheaper to just use cars to go up.  We have 18 Jr Highers as well as about 9 leaders (good ratio there).

The theme this year is “Sold Out”, which caused its fair share of confusion in and of itself.  It’s amazing how many people think I would actively make flyers for a camp that was sold out.  But the theme is about living sold-out for Christ.  We’ve put a skit together about “The Comic Book of Great Price”, after the parable of the Pearl of Great Price and the Hidden Treasure.  Basically, it is about three boys who find a Superman comic book that changes each time you read it, with each story more spectacular and each ending more unpredictable than the last.  The boys are told to do everything they can to get this comic.

They go away and basically one does everything, including learning more and more about the comic.  he becomes fascinated by it and it becomes the focus of his heart.  There is another that just makes money, but never actually falls in love with the book, while another finds it too difficult to sacrifice for the comic book.

The weekend is basically going to be about falling in love with Christ and pursuing Him with everything that we have.  It isn’t necessarily just about making sacrifices, but becoming infatuated with God.  It’s not about avoiding the negative or sin, but embracing the truth of our Savior.

We have a few kids who are not church kids coming, so please pray for them.  pray that they will feel comfortable in our group, and that the Word of God would speak to their hearts.  Then also pray for safety to and from camp, as well as during our various activities up there.
Hume Lake: ISOLA

A huge praise is that God has provided 54 people to go, including 6 leaders.  Last year we couldn’t fill 40 spots, but ran out when I got ten extra spots.  The camp told me they had extra spots, and when they say they have extra spots, you take them.  So I got ten extra spots in faith, and a couple months in, I really didn’t think we’d fill the spots.  Now we’ve had to get four more spots, so praise God for His faithfulness there.

We have a ton of kids going that are not at the right point in their walk with God, so please pray that God will work in their hearts.  Some have outright told me they aren’t where they need to be and have had more failures in their lives than victories.  The theme is a Viking theme, based on the story of Daniel.  Should be good.

So we leave for that camp on Sunday and get back on Saturday.  So if you feel led, please pray.  I don’t feel that I’ve spent the time I’d like to in prayer over this week and a half, and I feel inadequate when it comes to teaching.  So please lift us up when you go before the throne of God!  I’ll be sure to let you all know how it all went when I get back!


One comment on “Last Post Before Camp

  1. Beth says:

    That’s hilarious about the “sold out” confusion. After seeing pictures of Hume and now that Leah is staying in luxerious “cabins” I may take my vacation with you guyys up there!

    That stuff about the bus and the constant problems with that- sometimes I’ll have 4 or 5 roadblocks (or at least potential excuses) come up to not do something with other believers and it gets to the point where I think… hmm…. I am facing major opposition here and it doesn’t seem random… of course nothing is random, but I think it has something to do with the prowling lion seeking who he may devour.

    I’ll be praying for you and the prep- and Leah and MIcah as they are “on the road” for almost a month!

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