Self Image and Advertising

This past week at Hume, some of our girls went to a seminar by Jessie Minassian.  She is also a graduate of The Master’s College, and has recently written “The Big Sis Guide To Health and Beauty”.  It is a Biblical centered view on beauty and health in the lives of young women.  We snapped up a few copies for the girls to buy and read through.  I thumbed through it and it seems like a really good book for any young, Christian girl to read.  She speaks of advertising, how to use makeup, how to eat, how to take care of their bodies, and a God-centered view of who the girls are in Christ.

I was reminded of this when I got home and saw a headline about how the new issue of “Vogue” has 727 pages of advertisements.  Do they realize they are paying to see advertisements.  That’s 727 pages of people telling you what is important and what your priorities should be.  The whole magazine is 840 pages, 4lbs 9ounces.  Where’s Al Gore protesting the use of paper?


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