Summer Camp Recap: High School Part I

I always love going to Hume Lake.  The week we are up there with our kids is pretty much vacation for me, since all we do is shuffle the kids to and from things.  All that is missing from a vacation is sleep.  Late nights and early mornings.  But it one of the most relaxing weeks of the year, and offers an awesome opportunity to hang out and talk with the kids.  Each day brings four hours of free time in the afternoon and the kids can go out on the lake in canoes, kayaks, or boats, or they can go to the skatepark, play disc golf, or just hang out on the Hume ‘n Beans deck and play cards.

The boys (mostly staffers) enjoy playing disc golf daily.  The course is a nice course, but it is long and it has a lot of elevation changes that make you quite tired and winded by the end.  Combine that with the dusty terrain, and you leave brown and sweaty.  Since we play on a regular basis, we play the holes at Par 3.  If you played the course as they designed it, there are 13 par 4s.  My best game was 2 over playing our way, or 11 under the course way.  But I still only tied the leader once during the week.  But as the week went, my shoulder began to hurt more and more, so I had to sit out the last day.

The other thing I liked doing was just hanging out on the Hume ‘n Beans deck and playing cards.  We played a lot of a game called “Apples to Apples”.  It’s a fun game, depending on who you play with.  Basically, everyone has seven cards with ‘things’ on them.  They can be people, events, professions, things, era’s, or something else.  Then each person takes a turn being a judge.  They flip over a green card that has an adjective or adverb on it and you have to lay down a card that is best described by that adjective or adverb.  For example, if the green card was “deadly”, you could put down “charging rhinos” or “hand guns” or you could just be silly and put “your high school prom”.  The judge then chooses whose is the best and the person gets the green card.  The first person to get seven cards wins.  It gets really interesting and you have to do it according to the opinion of the judge and their individual tastes and perceptions.  When we got down the mountain, Leah and I found out that some of the girls had called their moms and had them buy us the game for ourselves, so that was a nice surprise.  Thanks Mary, Jeana, and Francie!

Of course there were chapels throughout the week.  The main speaker was from the church “Flood” in San Diego.  Something Like Silas used to play there.  He did a pretty good job at challenging the kids and preaching through the book of Daniel.  He even quoted Jonathan Edwards, so he was all good in my book.  The missionary for the week was Luke Everett.  He is a missionary in Mexico and runs a school for deaf children.  Looks like an amazing ministry.  He is also 80% deaf.  He was a great speaker and incredibly captivating.  You will see a link to the right under Student Ministries Links for a preview of a documentary someone is doing on him and his family.  An amazing speaker.

On Wednesday, they usually do six or so seminars that the kids can choose two from to go to.  This year, they had everyone stay in the chapel for a speaker from Ravi Zacharias’ ministry.  She spoke on the top 10 objections to Christianity and called different kids up to answer the questions.  Some did great, and some did very poorly.  We were able to get one of our kids up there, and he did a pretty good job and explaining how we can know God even exists.  I was a proud papa at that point.  It was great to hear how the kids sitting around me would answer the objections and knowing they are well prepared for the world.

Later on I’ll write about the top 10 things I learned at Hume, along with some other encouraging details.  Stay tuned!


3 comments on “Summer Camp Recap: High School Part I

  1. jrf says:

    you got a sore arm playing frisbee golf? you’re getting old dude.

    that’s awesome that Matt Hammett spoke. I love that guy. I usually go to Flood when Im in San Diego.

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    Any game utilizing adjectives and adverbs is OK in my book!

  3. BethsMomToo says:

    Hey – I just looked at the link for the “Apples to Apples” game and noticed that it also comes in Hebrew and Yiddish. Wouldn’t it be great if they had a KOINE version? That would be a fun game for the homeschoolers who will be taking Greek with me. Maybe I could adapt it to Greek…. what a great idea for reinforcing adverbs and adjectives!!

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