Fun with Zach’s Wax

This past Saturday, some of the high schoolers joined the wife, child and I at the LA County fair in order to raise some money for our OneVerse campaign and for the Make-A-Wish foundation. We joined a friend from college of our head pastor who has started a fundraising business called “Zach’s Wax”. Basically, its colored hair gel that washes out in one wash. You can use it for spirit days, showing off team pride, Halloween, or just for fun. I decided to put a Red Sox logo on my head, and gave one of the high schoolers a Dodgers logo on his.

Eric, the owner of Zach’s Wax, is a great, generous guy. He allowed us to keep $1 from each application we made, and we decided it will go to our OneVerse campaign to translate John 1. OneVerse is a division of Wycliffe, and it exists to get people involved in supporting the translation of the Word of God into languages where translations don’t exist. We have supported a tribe in SouthEast Asia and have collected about $500 so far. Most of the money comes from recycling bottles and cans and getting money for them.

Not only did Zach’s Wax give us a dollar for every application, but the proceeds from every application goes to the Make-A-Wish foundation. And if you were to buy the gel online, each color represents a different cause or charity, so money is sent to the charities for each bottle bought.

This is a product that is fun, and it makes a difference in the world. Not often those two are combined. If you would like to buy some Zach’s Wax, or are interested in using it as a fundraiser at a school or organization, go to or


2 comments on “Fun with Zach’s Wax

  1. Beth says:

    Do you have pictures? Not many of your links are working. Funny how savy the LA County fair website is compared to NH fairs 🙂

  2. ehudadams says:

    i’ll check out the links, but the pics are all on kids cameras. I’m working on getting them.

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