A successful week, but also a tiring one

Its funny how some weeks in ministry can be so successful, but so dramatically draining at the same time.  This past week would be one of those.  Here are some of the highlights:

1. This week was the week that The Master’s College team came out and helped for their Outreach Week.  Projects in the past have consisted of helping remodel a meeting lounge at the church, initially cleaning out my office, then later doing some demo and painting in there, and every few years we have them work on the Shelter, where our Jr High meets across the street.  This year they gave it a good paint job and cleared out the jungle that had grown behind it.

The paint job is great, and it matches the church, now.  It is an off-white with dark green trim on the wood and a dark red, maroon on the metal awnings and such.   It looks great!  We’re going to use the area cleared out in the back to store bottles and cans, so we don’t have to keep them in the kitchen.

2. This week was also a success, as it saw two kids make a profession of faith.  The first was one of our regular Jr Highers.  I have been taking the boys out to eat during the school week, and we walk to the KFC across the street and talk.  I’ve been going after these boys because they haven’t shown the kind of growth we’re used to.  Basically, we started talking, and he was way upfront with his lack of faith.  he said he always just went back on whatever decisions he’s made.  From speaking with him, it was clear that these decisions have been more about avoiding Hell, rather than falling in love with the Lord.  So after speaking for awhile, and me talking to him about what it means to be saved, he said he wanted to get saved.  So we prayed and talked some more.  When we were walking back to church he made sure I knew that he wanted to do this again sometime.

The other one came on Saturday night, during our Battle of the Bands.  Tim, our Student Ministries intern, got into a conversation with someone who had never come before, but was brought by a friend.  He was immediately intrigued, and wanted to learn more.  This turned into a conversation that spanned a couple hours, including a time where he professed salvation.  Please pray for both of these boys, as they are in difficult situations and need to be encouraged and followed up on.
3. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we also had our Battle of the Bands.  We had about 200 people here for it, and everyone really enjoyed our new additions.  We had an addition to the Battle this year, with a promenade area.  We had some acoustic acts perform before the actual Battle, had an art show where kids displayed their pictures, paintings, sketches, and even an American flag made out of red, white and blue duct tape.  We also had a coffee shop, where everyone got a free drink with admission.  This was a huge hit.  We had caramel and mocha fraps, tea, coffee, slushies, and soda.  We also had cookies available for free.  Our desire was to be gracious and godly hosts who were generous.  We had tables and couches set up, with games out so people could hang out if they didn’t want to watch a band.

It all went very, very well, and we’re already excited about some changes for next year!

4. Another highlight was the Red Sox games.  Thanks to the genius folks at MLB, they didn’t have the games on network TV, but only on TBS. (that’ll change for the LCS and WS)  So we didn’t get to see any of the games.  But the good news is that they were playing the Angels, so we had all the games covered well on the radio.  And plenty of highlights on the news (or low-lights, depending who you were cheering for).  So we pretty much stuck it to ’em.

The funniest thing may have been listening to all the callers on “Angel Talk”.  They were all sad and depressed.  One caller actually blamed the lack of the ‘Rally Monkey’ that the Angels put up on a screen to tell the fans to cheer.  She blamed the fans for not cheering and giving the players the energy they needed.  She said they didn’t perform because the fans didn’t cheer because the Angels didn’t put a stupid monkey jumping up and down on the screen.  That’s why she’s a stupid Angels fan.

The thing that cracks me up is its always the same thing for the Angels.  They need to get a back in the offseason or trading deadline, but never do.  Then the real season starts and they don’t hit and get bounced.  When are they going to learn?

5. As far as a Micah update goes, he’s mostly better.  He is now just not sleeping, meaning that we (and when I say we, I mostly mean Leah) don’t get much sleep.  So the main prayer request is that Micah sleeps well.  Leah is completely drained and needs rest badly.


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