In Appreciation of New England: Part I

Deep on the inside, I guess I will always be an New England person.  There is something about coming back to the area that makes it feel so natural.  I haven’t been home in the fall in nearly 9 years, so early on in our marriage, we figured we would come back to New England when I finally wasn’t in school for the first time.

One of the biggest things has been the widespread support of the Red Sox.  When we got here, everyone was gearing up for the first game of the ALCS, which was still a few days away.  When I watched the news, the lead stories were all about the Red Sox.  What was parking going to be like around Fenway?  What was the weather going to be like at game time?  Does Cleveland have its own curse?  The first ten minutes of the half hour news was dedicated to the Red Sox. 

Then I was listening to the radio, and there were playing a remix of “Sweet Caroline”, which is played during the 7th inning stretch at each home game at Fenway.  Interspersed were sound clips of various calls of games, including the series sweep of the Angels.  It was played just like any other song would be played. 

When we go out, EVERYONE is wearing something with a “B” on it.  And everyone is talking about it.  The thing I may like the most is that you don’t see a lot of pink Red Sox hats.  Instead, the girls are wearing true, old school hats and shirts. 

Of course the Sox game is the topic on every TV show or radio show.  When the game went to almost 2am into Sunday morning, everyone at church was tired because they had to watch it.  Everyone was down because of the loss.  Yes, its October in New England, or Soxtober.  


2 comments on “In Appreciation of New England: Part I

  1. Aunt Beth says:

    I almost pulled over and took a picture for you last Friday. I passed hay bales wrapped in plastics with “Go Sox” spray painted on in red paint on Rt. 5 in VT…. very cute.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey, don’t forget the Patriots!!!

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