An Interesting Sound Clip

Here’s a sound clip from a talk station out here in LA.  It’s the John Ziegler show, which I listen to pretty frequently, and it is on a kid named Johnnie MacArthur.  He’s John MacArthur’s grandson.  What’s even more odd, is that I had this kid in Awana when I went to Placerita Canyon Baptist.  He lived in the area and came with a friend.

Check it out.  Pretty cool sound clip.


2 comments on “An Interesting Sound Clip

  1. Aunt Beth says:

    Wow that gave me chills. Ziegler- every tongue will confess….

  2. ehudadams says:

    I didn’t mention this, but Ziegler is a total agnostic. the one thing that bugs me, but is still interesting to hear his view.

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