Harvest Festival

Our church has an annual Harvest Festival where the school families and community families are invited to bring their kids all dressed up.  We have games for the kids, bounce houses, an inflatable obstacle course, horse rides, plenty of food like bot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and snow cones, and then finally the ‘trunk ‘r treat’ where about 25 cars line the parking lot in front of the gym with their trunks decorated and hand out candy to the kids. (how was that for a run on sentence!)

This year we joined up with another family in the church to decorate our trunk as Red Sox Nation.  It was nice that the Sox were playing game 4 of the World Series, so we even had a TV playing the game for all to watch.  It was very popular with the fathers.  Here are a few pics from the event that brought over 700 people out!

This first one is Micah acquainting himself with Wally the Green Monster.  I’ve historically been against Wally, thinking it is just tacky and too much like the rest of baseball, but it looks like I may have to quickly change that opinion.


These are our cars.  Notice the broom for the approaching sweep!


Here are some other cars.  There were a few USC decorated cars, but they were a little less passioned than in the past years.  Two losses with a month to go can do that to you.


Here’s Donny’s car.  He was Willy Wonka.



One comment on “Harvest Festival

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Our guys did it!! [It must have been your “broom”! ;)]

    Love Willy Wonka. Great hat!

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