An Urgent Prayer Request

I wanted to ask for an urgent prayer request.  There is a young man that I have had some interaction with the last 6 months or so.  This summer, during our CORE Week program, he expressed interest in getting saved, so we spoke for a while afterwards, and he made a profession of faith.  In the next week, we met again, and I got to know him a little more.

He grew up in a Muslim family who were from Indonesia.  He had been going to a church for about a year, but never fully understood the Gospel.  He was the only Christian in his family.  He didn’t want to be a Muslim, but his family put a lot of pressure on him.  His mother would even trick him into going to a local mosque.

Since then, he has gone back to Indonesia twice, and each time he has been fearful about how his family would treat him.  Both times he was pressured by his family, and it was a difficult time.  In the last few months, I had seen him twice, and he didn’t seem to be very happy to see me.  One time, he pretty much ignored me.  I tried getting in touch with him to check in, but he made it difficult.  He was going to another church, and I didn’t want to be a ‘kid stealer’, so I didn’t put too much pressure on it.

Fast-forward to Saturday.  I got a message from him and he said that he just got back Indonesia, and his family had made him go and worship at the mosque.  He was very conflicted about how to feel about it and what he should do now.  The next day, I got another message declaring that he was now a Muslim again, and no longer a Christian.  Needless to say I was a little confused as to what was going on.

I wrote him back with a few words, and said if he wanted to meet, I’m available.  Thankfully, he has said that he is willing to meet and wants to talk things over.  I crave your prayers for this young man, as he is at quite the crossroads in his life.  Please pray that I will have the right things to say and that I will be a useful tool for the Lord.


3 comments on “An Urgent Prayer Request

  1. mariewalt says:

    I hope things turned out alright. It is hard to make big descisions, specially those concerning someone’s spiritual well being when family is pressuring you. I was raised Catholic, but for a long time now I haven’t been sure if that is the right thing for me. I believe in God, it’s just Catholicism I need to understand better. Still, I can understand how the young man you mentioned can be struggleling with all this. My mother literally forced me to attend Mass quite a few times when I was younger, and now guilt trips me now and again.

    In the end it is his choise. I hope, that if he chooses Christianity that he is strong enough to tell his family. Whatever the concequences (some families are too strict about this sort of thing and cast away their children rather than love and support their descisions) I hope that in the end he can find comffort in his descision as well.

  2. jrf says:

    so how did it go?

  3. ehudadams says:

    I’m actually meeting him Wednesday evening before our youth program. he wasn’t available Saturday, so we’re on for Wednesday night. keep praying!

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