Three Things… of no interest


The other day I was listening to the radio on the way home and the hosts were doing a bit on ‘three things’. They were sharing three things that they don’t get or have no interest in. These would be things that most of society seems to have an interest in, but you just don’t get. I’m going to try to do a ‘Three Things’ post once a week, and hopefully you’ll all be able to play along! So here are my three things:

1. Harry Potter- I have zero interest in it. I’ve never read a book, and if I did, I’d feel like I was wasting my time. I’m not doubting that they’re written well, and this isn’t even an objection on moral grounds, I just have no interest. We were on the plane, headed back east, and they were showing one of the movies. All I had to do was plug my head phones in and I could hear it, but I just had no interest. I saw one movie and just thought it was stupid and written poorly.

2. Entertainment Magazines- like People and US Weekly. How can people read these things? Most people admit to just looking at the pictures. What? Are you seven years old? They just seem to be a collection of pictures and captions that you could get for free online. And you are in now way, shape, or form, any better off when you are done “reading”.

3. The Olympics- I know this may come as a surprise, but I just have no interest. The only interest I could gather is for men’s basketball, and that’s only because its like an NBA All-Star game, except they are trying. I’ve tried to get into them in the past, but they are just a bunch of people that I don’t know, and that I’ll forget, doing random things people call ‘sports’. And it seems like the ones who excel are usually cheating. Just can’t get excited about the Olympics this year.

So what are your ‘three things’?


19 comments on “Three Things… of no interest

  1. Doug Wilcox says:

    (1) Professional sports of any kind. Overpaid, drugged-up athletes with bad attitudes, and more commercials than any human should be able to stomach. (This goes triple for American football.)

    (2) Starbuck’s Coffee. I have had one coffee at a Starbuck’s. It was wonderful, but the prices (and calorie counts) are simply too high to make me think about indulging there when I can get free, relatively palatable, coffee at work.

    (3) iPods/iPhones. Lovely devices, good user experience, waaaaaaaay too expensive. I’ll go with something much cheaper.

    (This was a delightful topic. The Potter books don’t really get worth reading until book 4. I have truly enjoyed them all, but I wouldn’t go out at midnight to get one. The Olympics are just sports to me, but I’d much rather watch Lost. I don’t get entertainment mags, either. Personally, I always bring at least 1 book with me.)

    Other items I considered writing about:

    1. Blondes.
    2. Princess Diana.
    3. Luxury cars.
    4. All those things the neofundamentalists say are attacks on Christianity (like changing the location of the “In God We Trust” motto on coins).
    5. Fast food (except Hardees).
    6. Rob Bell.

    I’m sure others will come to mind.

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    1. Hair color. I know…this is new for me. Now I can’t understand why I got it colored for so long and wasted all that money. I’d object to Doug’s listing of “Blondes” if my hair wasn’t so gray now… but with a nice dramatic white streak in front. [My hairdresser is the only one who can’t understand how I could like my hair like this. Yesterday I had it trimmed and she asked if I was still happy with the natural color. When I told her I really liked it, she made a face, making it obvious how hopeless she found me. ;)]

    2. Christian romance fiction & Christian self-help/”Christian living” bestsellers. Sorry…waste of time. Absolute zero interest. When people hear I love reading they often start asking me if I have read certain books they have recently enjoyed. Or they assume that I must be reading the latest best seller from the local Christian bookstore. Part of me doesn’t want to hurt their feelings, part of me doesn’t want to sound like a snobbish egghead and part of me wants to SCREAM that they are wasting their reading time! I hate to say that it has gotten so bad that I am having a hard time settling on a book I can give people who should have outgrown by now “Daily Bread” for the Quiet Time. I have been trying to find a book I can give people to get them back into their Bibles for devotions, but every one I have thought of so far is probably too challenging. How did we get this low this fast? When I was first saved we were reading Francis Schaeffer and C.S. Lewis and E.M. Bounds and Arthur Pink and Sir Robert Anderson… And we were ALL reading and discussing these books!! And we were all baby believers!! I’m frustrated when I hear people suggest that a simply-written book must be used when having a Bible study with unsaved people. I was saved in a Bible study that taught only the Bible!! And I’m discouraged when I hear people say that a well written Christian book is suitable for “someone like you”, but “expecting too much” of new believers or believers who are “busy with raising children & running a home”. Don’t you believe it… just about everyone in that Bible study that the church grew out of were newly saved, few had college educations and ALL of the women were raising children and running homes…but just about all were reading and discussing significant, challenging books that drove us to God’s Word!

    3. The half hour situation comedies on TV. I can’t even tell you what they are, cuz I haven’t watched them. I HAVE watched “Pushing Up Daisies” a few times, but I don’t think that qualifies for the “situation-comedy” genre. They just don’t interest me and I don’t find them funny. I can’t pinpoint exactly when I lost interest, but it’s been a while.

    Next time….3 things I love that others can’t understand the appeal of?

  3. Beth says:

    1. Astronomy. I don’t really care about outer space. Maybe the pretty pictures from the hubble, but it seems most of it is way-out-there-big assumptions-evolution stuff. Applying science to stuff so big seems fishy to me.

    2. The mall. I didn’t even realize I hardly ever go to the mall anymore until I went to exchange clothes. I was watching the teens and remember how much I loved it and clothes were so important to me then. What I wear still is important, but I have an idea of what I want- I don’t wait with baited breath to see what American Eagle says I need to wear. Plus with a baby, the internet is great for what I don’t buy from thrift stores.

    3. Overanalyzing people. Again, I didn’t realize that I don’t really do this anymore, but I was walking the other day and my iPod was dead so I could overhear people the other people walking the loop. ALL the couples/friends (women and women, men with women) were talking about other people- he said that, she said this, I told her this, it made me feel like that. I suddenly remember being like that before I was a believer. What people said and did was so important to me, what people thought of me was so important. There were two women who were discussing art. Now when I walk I like to do it alone and listen to a sermon, while throwing the stick for Clover. It’s my time to mediate on Christ. I don’t mediate on people anymore.

  4. Doug Wilcox says:

    I didn’t intend to insult anyone about the hair color. My Mom is still disappointed (at age 80) that she doesn’t have the beautiful silver hair that her own father had. (She says this is a just reward for such a vain longing.)

    I nearly put the “Left Behind” series on my list. (Although I did read them – not much time invested – and found them to be mildly entertaining where they weren’t simply too juvenile.) Sadly, too many people just don’t read anymore. However, unlike BMT, I do like to read for fun and not just for profit, so I don’t know if she would approve of the things on my book list, but she would be pleased, I think, to know that I know always read with a highlighter in hand.

    I stopped enjoying sitcoms (with rare exception) somewhere around age 19. They’re almost entirely too, well—dumb.

    Beth needs to read some Jack McDevitt. I just finished Cauldron, and it made me long to visit “strange new worlds” so much that I immediately grabbed Deepsix off my shelf to reread. Of course, part of the trouble with most astronomy is that it’s so steeped in an evolutionary time line; but beyond that it can be fascinating.

    I loathe the mall. I do have to go there occasionally, but (aside from the Lego Store at the Burlington Mall) it just isn’t any fun. I’m not a “shopper,” anyway, just a “buyer,” so for me, anything that puts a delay between arriving at the location and exiting with my predetermined purchase seems like a painful waste of time. Christmas shopping this year was wonderful, as I was able to get almost everything I hoped to buy for others online, and did it early enough to take advantage of free shipping offers as they came in.

  5. Dino says:

    1. Sports
    It’s grown men who get paid more than the president to throw balls and people paying money to watch. If it’s entertainment, then it entertains me only to think that people obsess so much about it. UCS v.s. UCLA? I din’t know until three years ago. I just saw a magazine lying on a desk saying UCS v.s. UCLA and I thought, “Oh, what a funny coincidence; they both have UC in their name.” As for baseball, during my first ever game, when I was six, my first thought when I sat down was, “Where’s the bull?” I had even packed a red napkin in my pocket, just in case. As for the second and last one I attended, the heat was so strong that my only wish was that it would all end soon. And to make matters worse, the summer camp I traveled with refused snack breaks or restroom breaks except one every two hours. I didn’t even get to talk to my friends because they were all several levels below me.

    2. Jessica Alba
    Don’t see what all the fuss is about her. She’s pretty? Really? Couldn’t tell. She’s not blond? Couldn’t tell, either. She’s pregnant? Really? And? All she’s reall used as in the movies is as an object. Don’t know why she’s not complaining.

    3. Disney
    Disney was great. It was awesome. It was classic. Then they hired a new CEO and everything went downhill. All they do now release sequels and “special edition” DVDs of old movies. If they’re going to make “special edition” DVDs, that fine as long as that’s not the only thing you make. As for the sequels, that’s all they focus on. They don’t even focus on the plot but just dish out the same thing over and over. Herbie-Fully Loaded and Racing Stripes: Same exact story, just replace car with horse. Even when they make a good movie, they instanly follow it up with a sequel. While the movie is still in theaters, they advertise for its sequel. Disney’s just spelling their own doom.

  6. Beth says:

    4. ENac- epithelial sodium channel in the kidney. There are few things in physiology that I get sick of. ENac is one of them.

    5. Tranformers- the cartoon, the movie. Don’t get it.

    6. Building your own house. There’s plenty of nice old houses on the market- seems like a bother to build another one.

  7. ehudadams says:

    ok, the Transformers movie stunk. most disappointing movie EVER. But the cartoon was awesome. repent.

  8. Doug Wilcox says:

    We in the Wilcox family all loved the film.

    If I were mean-spirited, I’d point out that I wouldn’t trust the film review opinions of one who miscapitalized ENaC …

    Dino: You’d probably love this post: , “Geek Man Attends Professional Sports Event.” although you’re the first male I’ve met who didn’t notice that Jessica Alba is pretty (except when she has light hair). (My wife is prettier, but not many women are.) Still, if one’s wife is to ask him if Jessica Alba were pretty, the only correct response would definitely be, “Jessica who?”

  9. BethsMomToo says:

    Hey Doug…I read fiction…just not recently. What I can’t see is the appeal of is Christian romance & Christian self-help books. You know I like sci-fi, though not necessarily all the same ones you do. We have Asimov in common (even if I don’t follow his atheism). Your Book List is hilarious. I guess you’re a “Renaissance Guy”. 😉 How much more eclectic can one person get?!

    Btw…I’m sorry to report that my first class of “The Gospel of John” is on January 31! Noooooo…..
    I’ll have to watch the two-hour opener of LOST on my laptop the next day.

  10. Dino says:

    To ehudadams

    First time I saw the trailer, the one were it says a transformer destroyed the Beagle satellite, for a smidge of a second, I thought, maybe the movie doesn’t sound so bad. But then my mom looked at the Autobot logo and said, “Oh, look, it’s Kopaka!” I happen to be a Bionicle fan and Kopaka is my favorite character so when my mom said this, I burst into a rage and angrily told that Kopaka’s face isn’t symmetrical, he has a monocle/telescope attached to one eye, and anyway Bionicle is a Lego trademark. It’s like watching Star Wars and your mom points at Yoda and says, “Oh, look, it’s Spock!”

    To Doug

    Ah, White and Nerdy. I enjoy that song and share much with that guy. As for being the only male to not have a crush on Jessica Alba, there was a humorous incident where I tried to figure out, why do boys like her. So I forced myself to look at a picture of her and try to figure out why. Didn’t work. As a matter of fact, instead I thought she’s DISGUSTING! One time, the boys in one of my classes were all talking about her and I answered, “Jessica Alba looks like my second grade teacher!” Some of them jokingly asked, “Can we date your second grade teacher?” But I continued, “My second grade teacher looked like Professor Trelawney!”(From Harry Potter, who is described as looking “like an over-grown insect, wrapped in shawls and beads, and with huge glasses that magnified her eyes.”)

    One more thing I don’t care about

    Writers Strike

    I felt extremely irritated when fellow students would come taking about a new Gray’s Anatomy thing or come to school wearing tags saying: Bye, Bye, Sanjaya! I was actually pretty relieved when the writer’s strike occurred and I’m actually hoping it while continue for another few months or so.

  11. Doug says:


    It’s been an eclectic year for reading, and I’ve started with some very off-my-usual-base books, such as The Zombie Survival Guide. (Hey, when the undead arise, the Wilcox Family will be ready.) You might find my 2006 and 2007 book lists to be more representative.

    You are welcome to watch Lost the next day at our house (any time), in high-definition video. We will definitely DVR it.

    Asimov is not my favorite SF writer, but I have enjoyed some of his work.


    I was never an “intense” Transformers fan, so I missed some things that would bother purists like yourself. I loved the nonstop action, and quirky characters. And I really loved the way the military characters were portrayed with intelligence and dignity, which doesn’t happen very often.

    And I do understand the “I don’t get Alba” thing. I described one of the actresses who used to be on Grey’s as “hideous,” and have never heard the end of it from my friend Phil and my wife. (Nice allusion to Trelawney, by the way.)

    And I completely agree about the writer’s strike. I keep imagining a headline, “Writers Still on Strike After One Year. Americans Stop Caring about Television. Explosion in Creativity and Book Sales … ” Wouldn’t that be awesome!

    Onward …

  12. Beth says:

    I don’t use the correct capitalization for ENac to show my distain for eNac.

    Mom- we can watch Lost on our laptops at the same time on Friday night and call eachother. Maybe I will try to organize something, but the people I know who are watching it are not caught up yet. I was watching the old season 3 last week to refresh myself.

    Why are you taking the class The Gospel of John when you can just watch the movie? Ha ha. I downloaded it from Netflix the other night (downloads are now free) and watched about an hour of the 3 hour event. The actor who plays Jesus is the one who plays Desmond on Lost. I couldn’t get past it. I kept on expecting Jesus to take the disciples to the hatch or to break out a bottle of whisky. It may have been good if it wasn’t Desmond.

  13. Doug Wilcox says:

    Kudos to your mom, Dino, for almost recognizing Kopaka. My boys dream in Bionicle, but I can’t name any of them, although I am a huge Lego fan.

  14. ehudadams says:

    Beth- here’s a good question: did Jesus ‘flash’ on Peter’s denials, or was it omniscience?

  15. Dino says:

    I never was a Transformers fan. I tried watching the show once but my dad din’t like it so we quit watching. As for Bionicle, I was a deep fan until my subscribtion went out and I forgot to replace it. Now I just read the free Lego catalogs I get and try to figure what happened or read on it on Wikipedia and hope nobody messed with the article.
    Oh, I did like my second grade teacher, she was nice(though she was odd in that she was completely obsessed about Godzilla.)

  16. Doug says:

    You weren’t a Transformers fan? I wasn’t a huge fan, but I had tears in my eyes when Optimus Prime came onscreen the first time.

  17. Dino says:

    Well, I might have become one, but Dad said no to watching the show because he came in a big battle scene and decided he didn’t want us watching that. Anyway, I can’t anymore even with permission because Kid’s WB stopped doing shows on weekdays (Arrrrrrrrgh!)

  18. BethsMomToo says:

    I’d ALMOST agree with you about not caring about the writer’s strike, except…they have made only six episodes of LOST so far, right? I’ve been working on organizing my pictures from Israel at night, and I usually have the TV on in the background. We have Basic Cable and most of those stations are showing Reality shows [I admit to being a fan of “The Great Race”….but I already know who won this year.] Pretty much I’ve been watching Masterpiece Theater’s “The Complete Jane Austen” over and over and over…

    [B & T – THIS Sunday night they are showing the episode of Extreme Makeover shot in Manchester]

  19. Doug Wilcox says:


    We tried the “nonviolent” approach to raising children with Isaac. We even stopped watching X Files. At 2, he ate his toast into the shape of a gun (I have no idea where he even learned this) and said, “Look, a toast gun. Bang!”

    Now all our kids, including Naomi, have their own toy arsenals. (You should see her in her princess dresses sporting two machine guns or swords; she’s adorable.)

    We have friends who considered things like the Lord of the Rings films too violent, but believe that children are easily capable of separating imaginary violence from real violence.

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