Three Things… You Like that Others Take No Interest In


This is in response to a request, and somewhat in reaction to the last ‘three things’. What are three things that you find great interest in that society generally doesn’t understand?

1. Willow- one of my all time favorite movies that most people just don’t get. I think it’s genius. I love the story, the characters, the dialogue, and Sorsha.

2. Hootie and the Blowfish- I know, most of their songs sound the same, but its a good sound. I love Darius Rucker’s voice, and I’m actually that person that bought his solo album “Back to Then”. It brings me back to my high school days, and it’s just very relaxing music.

3. Bad Fast Food places- I guess I’m notorious around here for loving places that are just a cut below ‘acceptable’. One place was “Spikes” which served chicken teriyaki on rice. They had fries with the seasoning salt on them and then a side of potato salad came with it. It sounds good, but the place is a little below some people’s cleanliness standards. I only got sick there once, which is miraculous because I ate there almost every day when I was single. Just last week I was taking a high schooler out to eat, and he said it was my choice of where to go, so I said “Spikes”, which was just down the street from his high school where I picked him up. He said “but that place is closed down.” I thought he was kidding. Sadly, he wasn’t. He was right, it’s closed. Sniff… Sniff…

Another place is “Ono Hawaiin BBQ”. This place isn’t quite as low rent as the other, but I love their food. They have great Chicken Katsu and BBQ Beef. The portions are huge, so I just get a mini-meal that is a little cheaper and still fills me up. And it comes with macaroni salad and rice. When I wasn’t eating at Spikes, I was eating at Ono. Many people got sick of me going there, but I still like it.

What are your three things?


7 comments on “Three Things… You Like that Others Take No Interest In

  1. Dino says:


    For those who don’t know, Earthbound was a game released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a role-playing game but even though the early 90’s were full of RPG’s (so many that makers Dragon Warrior started released their games only on weekdays, because hundreds of people would take the day off to purchase their new games) Earthbound a name for itself with all of it’s complete oddness. The plot is simple: a boy named Ness, with his friend Paula, smart-aleck Rick, and karate master Poo try to stop an alien invasion on his home town of Onnett.
    Yet, the game broke every normal concept and replaced it with something completely diiferent. Enemies were bass guiters that shoot lighting, flying hamsters, and cult members obsessed with the color blue. Psychic powers replaced magic (Poor Rick got none…sniff.) French fries and pizza restored health. And instead of traditional status effects like getting poisoned for burned, you’ld get home-sick and need to call your mom, or you’ld suffer sneezy fits during a battle. And the bosses: there were ones like Master Belch, who burps on you. Yet despite, all the craziness, everything in the game has a reason for it’s existence. Sadly, Earthbound is the second in the Mother trilogy of games, which the full series has never come to America. Despite pleas from fans,( has even hosted a event to get 30,000 signatures on a letter to send to Nintendo demanding the release of Mother 3) Nintendo has never seen fit to ship an English translation outside of Japan.


    The ongoing debate: Ninjas or Pirates. I say pirates. Ninjas may be sneaky but pull them out in the open and suddenely they find theirs nowhere to run. They can never withstand a one-on-one battle. Pirates don’t need to hide. And they’re far sneakier than Ninjas. When you see a pirate, you automatically think, he looks SNEAKY. And who can argue with Pirates like Blackbeard, who would regularly set his beard on fire while raiding ships, and GOT THREE BRITISH SHIPS TRAPPED IN A SANDBAR while he was DRUNK, or Sir Morgan; he was known as Morgan the Terrible for a reason.

    Star Wars prequel trilogy

    For some odd reason, everyone seems to hate the prequel trilogy. Why? It looks great to me. Jar Jar Binks? They complaign that he’s used for appeasing little kids. George Lucas answered, “The series is for little kids.” Flat acting? I admit it sounded a little odd when Anakin said, “I’m overwhelemed” or, “How can you say that? I’m more powereful than any of you” but usually it’s limited to single lines. A few lines can’t ruin an entire trilogy! If anyone tells me, “The original trilogy is better” I prefer to translate that as, “the prequel trilogy was awesome, the original was more than awesome!”

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    Huh…I didn’t even KNOW there was an ongoing debate about Ninjas VS Pirates! See what happens when your son grows up and leaves home? You miss out on all “the good stuff”.

    And, Tim… I absolutely shudder to read what you were eating! You were NOT raised this way…when did you turn to the Dark Side?

    Here are my three things:

    1. Archaeology – most people glaze over after seeing one Roman ruin. I can go on forever. Time and experience are an advantage, of course. The more you know about something the more interested you become in it. I remember when we were looking at abandoned archaeological sites in the Eastern Delta region of Egypt. We were scouring the ground for pieces of “good pottery”. [I actually found a Bronze Age piece!] Egyptian boys from the local village saw us roaming among the mudbrick ruins, picking up broken pieces of pottery and they were happy to help us look. They kept bringing me any old piece of pottery, even if it was from a pot broken yesterday, hoping to see a smile on my face….and maybe a little cash for thanks.

    2. Older kids – Everyone in my church looooves babies. Not me. They’re cute…but kind of useless. [grandsons excepted!] Give me an older kid any time. Most people AVOID Jr. Hi kids – I tend to seek them out. They make me laugh…they make me think… they make me happy by just hanging around wanting to know stuff. In all my travels to museums with small groups of older kids, I can’t tell you how many times they have observed things that I had never caught! [And probably never would have if they hadn’t brought it to my attention.] I also love how they mix learning and play. There’s a 5th grade girl in the Koine Greek class I teach to a couple of HS students and adults. She doesn’t have the attention span that the others do, but she learns with ease…and has fun with it. When she first learned the Greek alphabet in Sept. she taught it to her friends and they wrote notes back and forth to each other – using English words spelled with Greek letters. Last week she gave me a letter she had written up – now using Greek words…in their correct Cases!! The teens and adults approach learning as “work”, but that 5th grader sees learning as FUN! How can you not appreciate that?!

    3. Sci Fi – If you’re a Christian, you are hard-pressed to find another Christian who likes Sci Fi [which is one reason I find Doug such a fascinating fellow!]. Most believers look at you like you have two heads when you start raving about Doctor Who or any fantasy other than “The Chronicles of Narnia”. I had a pastor once, who shall remain nameless to protect his family, who liked fantasy as much as I did, not that we read it exclusively mind you. We used to share books with each other – wrapped in plain brown bags in order not to shake the sensibilities of others. [Of course…this is the same man who brought me old “Mad Magazines” to read when I was in the hospital with a cerebral aneurysm…and couldn’t understand anything else I read. Those magazines were perfect!]

  3. Doug Wilcox says:

    I am trying to think of my 3 things. Here’s a very quick attempt that I will probably amend.

    (1) Ranting about Lego “juniorization.” Only really committed AFOLs can get carried away with this argument, but it’s really a passionate topic of mine. Actually, I think I am the only dedicated AFOL I know outside of my niece and nephew Jenn and Andrew. BTW, Lego turns 50 today.

    (2) Okonomi sauce. This is a slightly-sweet, vegetable-based sauce from Japan, that I periodically travel to Cambridge to purchase. It’s much better than ketchup, and is delicious with just about anything. Of course, to truly enjoy it, make some okonomi-yaki, although you may have trouble deciding which recipe to use. This one looks like the one with which I am most familiar.

    (3) English grammar. Why is it that English speakers have forgotten, or worse, ignored, how to speak English. Do they not even think about what they are saying? I cite as examples such common manglings as, “I could care less,” or “irregardless.”

    I completely agree with Debbie about Sci-Fi. I need to loan her some MacDevitt. Like her, I weep when I finish episode 14 of Firefly.

    I also agree with Debbie about babies. They are completely useless, and only a few newborns (such as the 3 Wilcox ones) I’ve ever seen have actually been cute. At six months they start getting vaguely interesting, but it

  4. Doug Wilcox says:

    … takes another two years before they can operate a computer without assistance.

    I find my kids often make great observations. David (age 8, now 9) and I discussed the idea that all movies have villains, and Isaac (age 12) continues to tear through my of my S-F library. Even by age 4, he was describing and mentally engineering rocket packs that could replace parachutes (with accompanying pantomimed demonstrations). NaNi makes up imaginary friends, complete with histories, physical descriptions, and planned activities. David and Isaac both have imagined their own superheroes and supervillians, complete with extremely complex back stories. I loved it when I came home and NaNi excitedly started describing what one of Isaac’s superheroes could do.

  5. Beth says:

    1. Climbing walls of ice.
    2. Sheep as a model organism.
    3. Statistics.

  6. BethsMomToo says:

    And I thought you’d say “GABA receptors”. đŸ˜‰ [did I get that right?]

    It’s an encouragement to every HS kid whoever struggled with Math to know that “Statistics” is one of your favorite things. See, kids, if you just stick with it long enough… you GET it! But you’re right…I’d never list that on one of my own “favorites” list. [I blame it on the lousy grad student I had teaching my first and only Statistics class…I’m SURE I would have loved it otherwise.]

  7. Beth says:

    Very good mom, there is actually many people who study and are “into” GABA receptors… so I wouln’t be rare there. I don’t know that I’m really “into” them- they are interesting, but it’s just what I happen to be studying now. There are many more people who understand them much better than I.

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