Three Things… Laws You Would Pass

Before I start this, let me just remind everyone that the new season of Lost is right around the corner.  Tonight, they will be re-airing the season finale, but in ‘Pop-Up Video’ fashion.  They will be popping up random facts that may have not been revealed on the show.  I believe this will be a revealing of facts that have been revealed in the Missing Pieces, Alternate Reality Game, and the Lost Experience.  That will be at 9pm tonight.  Then tomorrow will be a recap episode, catching people up, which will be followed by the premier.  That all starts at 8pm.  And like always, I’ll be expecting you all to come here and share your initial reactions and your theories!

Three Things


In honor of the political season, I’m looking for three laws you would pass.  For sake of interesting posts, no anti-abortion, marriage laws, etc.  Those are given.  I want interesting laws.

1. Everyone should be able to take a test in order to vote.  You should be able to answer questions about government, how it works, who is in it,  and what you are voting on.  Voting is a right that we have, but I don’t want people who don’t think about things voting.  This would be eliminating the ignorant vote.

2. Voting for presidential elections should be by delegates, not states.  I realize that this would mean politicians would be less likely to go to towns in the middle of nowhere, but I’m sick of two things: states where winner takes all, and people’s votes not counting.  I realize some states do this, and it doesn’t make any sense not to.  We’re trying to elect a president for the country, therefore everyone in the country should have an equal voice.

3.  It should be easier to become a citizen.  Now this one, I’m speaking largely from ignorance, and I fully admit that.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, lately, about what a Christian’s reaction should be to illegal immigration.  I think too many Christians just take marching orders from a political party and don’t stop and think about what Christ would have them think on various issues.  One of these topics is immigration.  I’ve seen many people who claim to be Christians react against illegal immigration with hate.

I realize it is illegal, and obviously I don’t support that.  But I don’t think that’s the issue.  I think the issue is that it takes 8 years to be able to become a citizen.  I’m not calling for amnesty, I’m just saying if it were easier, our economy would be more stable, and we’d have an influx of tax money that is being stolen from the system and mailed to South America.  I hear politicians say that they are going to ship them all home, I hear Christians say that they are leeches on our system and fail to resemble any sort of compassion.  We have a great country here, and we should rejoice with those that might be able to come here legally and take part in that.  Instead of working on kicking them all out, only to have them come back in, lets think about how we can speed up the process of becoming a legal, tax-paying citizen.

I have some other laws that would be a good idea, but that’s it for now.


10 comments on “Three Things… Laws You Would Pass

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Ahhh…this brings me back to my HS days. They sent me to Girls’ State, where thanks to my glib tongue, charming personality and unfailing humility, I was elected Governor. [Really! Rarely have I attained such respect and lofty status since.] Being Governor, I had the power of the Veto. Cool! I actually remember one of the laws I passed – State Troopers would be required to carry shovels in their trunks in order to remove unsightly road kill. Actually, I’m surprised that idea hasn’t caught on yet…Lady Bird Johnson DID get the wildflower thing going on Interstate highways, but she stopped short of removing road kill. Really…think what a prettier state Pennsylvania would be without deer carcasses everywhere.

    2. For every new national agency/dept. created, two would have to be eliminated.

    3. The Judiciary would not be allowed to Legislate. You know, that separation of powers thing was a good idea. We ought to stick with it.

  2. ehudadams says:

    the shovels could double as weapons, too.

  3. Beth says:

    The libertarian in me would submit bills to erase current laws.

  4. Beth says:

    I just heard a bit on NPR interviewing Californians (not that I would expect it to be any different elsewhere) they asked people to name the 3 Amerian Idol judges and name the presidential candidates. They got all 3 American Idol judges- most had a hard time naming ONE candidate. Scary… but that’s what makes America America. Equal rights, even if you’re ignorant/stupid or both. Limiting who votes would be a slippery slope. Registering, finding the poling place or having the ability to get an absentee ballot is a good enough “test”.

    I’m surprised by McCain’s lead. Isn’t he very pro-war. I thought we were past that. Honestly, I don’t know much about him.

    Obama- Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE OBAMA- if I was liberal I would totally vote for him. It’s funny to listen to people describe why their voting for him. They stagger out of a speech by him, teary eyed, repeatidly saying the word “hope”. I’ve been on his website- his platform is very vague- I can’t really see how it differs much from Hillary. People don’t talk about his policies- just his “hope”. He’s a very talented public speaker. After Bush, people just want to be inspired.

    Get this- my taxes just increased and my mortage jumped an extra $300 a month. Now there is a hearing to hear a proposal for a new $40 million school for our district- right when recession is hitting. I’ve been wanting to get involved in town politics and this seems like a good opportunity. Oh ya- and do we have more kids- no- the population peaked in the 90’s and is now down to where it was in the 80’s.

  5. Beth says:

    One more thing, now that we’re on the topic of politics. Guliani has pulled out of the race. His florida only strategy failed. On NPR the analysts are analyzing his failed campaign, but they apparently have amnesia to what happened in early December. In early December Guliani was ahead in the polls (at least in NH). Some Christian coalition (I forget which one) said that if Guliani won the republican nomination that they would put in a third party candidate. When I heard about that I knew he was done. Indeed, the very next week Guliani started slipping in the polls- down to second, then down to third the next week and by January he was dead last. What happened to Guliani’s campiagn? Christians essentially booted him out of the race.

  6. ehudadams says:

    1. i think guliani failed when the other candidates starting getting a little more specific. people realized that Guiliani was campainging on 9/11. someone said he had 9/11 tourettes syndrome. either way, he peaked too early.

    2. while I’m not a pro-Ron Paul person- I loved his line in the debate last night. This election is not about particular issues in the future, but all about the semantics of the past. Everyone is running on ‘change’ or ‘hope’. Romney is just ‘washington is broken’. no one is actually saying specifically what they’d do, although, Hillary has said probably more than others. I know Huckabee and Paul have been out there with how they would change things. Gotta love this time of year. arg.

    3. McCain is pro-Iraqi freedom. I wouldn’t call him pro-war. I don’t think anyone is. he’s been saved by the surge working.

    beth- what are your laws?

  7. ehudadams says:

    here’s another law that is just spurned from frustration:

    put a cap on this collusion among the oil companies. Shell made $31,331,000,000.00 this past year?! somethings wrong when prices are soaring and their profits continue to become more obscene.

  8. Beth says:

    1. With the Guliani thing- I can find the dates- it’s pretty astonishing how it was tied to the Christian coalition boycott.
    2. Oh Ron, I love you so much, why do you have to be a racist bigot?
    3. Tim you are quite the liberal conservative- making up more laws, regulating profits of large companies— have you been talking to John Edwards lately- the rich cause all the problems. Just think-trickle down economics.

  9. Doug Wilcox says:

    Tim, you surprised me with your stance on immigration. Having read your posts on the bus company answering in Spanish, I thought you might be on the “Fortress America” side of things. I enjoyed your appeal to Christ’s attitude. Fixing our immigration problem will not be easy–as we completely depend on the 12 million illegal workers already here. I “love” the fact that our government neglects to mention that, until very, very recently there was no way for employers to externally verify citizenship and right-to-work documentation: If the documents looked good, they had to be accepted. Personally i think we need a huge guest worker program, but I can’t think of a reasonably equitable solution for the millions of people already here illegally.

    So … three laws:

    (1) A balanced federal budget amendment to the Constitution that requires an across-the-board equal budget cut to match revenues, and a mandated percentage of payoff of the national debt. If a desired area can’t handle a budget cut, then Congress and the President could actually write a balanced budget (in theory, anyway; in reality this has never been tried).

    (2) The death penalty with no appeal (and with international extradition) for e-mail spammers and phishers.

    (3) Outlaw political parties, replacing them with a system designed to accentuate issues, integrity, and performance.

  10. Doug Wilcox says:

    I thought of a fourth:

    (4) George Lucas should be allowed to conceive of film ideas, and even help develop stories, but he should be prohibited from writing final drafts of scripts, handling dialog, or directing.

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