Two Worlds

My friend John works at a church in InnerCity LA, just down the street from the Staples Center, where the Lakers, Clippers, Kings (hockey), and the Avengers (arena football) all play, and other events like the Grammy Awards are held there.  This past week I had the awesome opportunity to speak at their family dinner that was put on by the youth.

It really is a different world for me, as I was speaking about 20 minutes from my house, but had to use a translator so half the audience could understand me.  Most of the families were not necessarily church families, and many of them were broken homes.  Almost all were well below the poverty line, but you couldn’t tell by the excitement and buzz at the tables.

I spoke on the cross-centered family, and encouraged them to not only embrace the Gospel individually, but to be families that are passionate about the Gospel.  Not just about preaching the Gospel, but knowing the Gospel, reflecting on it, and studying it.  I encouraged them to preach the Gospel to themselves and their children on a daily basis.  Impress the idea on their children that they are sinners in need of the saving grace of God, and live out that message to their children in their own lives.

John recently had an interesting post on his blog about a day where he experienced two different worlds.  It’s an interesting read, so check it out!


One comment on “Two Worlds

  1. jrf says:

    Thanks again for preaching! I have gotten a lot of good feedback from the families that were there. Even my pastor was impressed at how well everyone was listening and soaking in what you were saying. Praise God!

    I hope to put up some pictures of the night in the next few days so keep checking

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