High School Winter Camp 2008: Part 2

Day Two

Since the kids were up late, we decided to let them sleep in a bit, and started off the day with fresh waffles with strawberry and whipped cream on top. Delicious! Our second session was about describing the massive nature of God’s creation, but then knowing that God can measure it all the span of his hands. If God can create and sustain the Universe, I think he can be trusted to control our day-to-day lives.

After chapel and a personal devotion time, we shuffled the kids to various houses for a time to clean up and shower. When we came back together, we played a rousing game of “Extreme Spoons”. As you would guess, it is just like spoons, but with a twist. The twist was that the spoons were not at the table where we were playing, which was in a room above the lobby of the gym. Instead, we put the spoons in the driveway down below. When someone would get four of a kind, everyone would jump up, cast aside any chairs, and race down to make sure you were one of the people to get a spoon. To make things more interesting and due to the fact that 17 people were playing, we made sure that the number of spoons was always two less than those playing. Here’s a couple videos of what the pandemonium looked like:

As you can see, it was a lot of fun, but brought its share of bumps, bruises, and abrasions! I have a lump on my shin to prove my participation.

After lunch we headed for the bowling alley, where the fun continued. One bowler, in particular, caused quite a bit of havoc. Annie, a senior, was on the end, and there was a walkway that went the length of the alley. She had one pin standing and wanted to make sure she got it down. So she slowly bowled the ball, and continued to help the ball along while walking down the walkway. She made it all they way down, pushed the ball towards the pin, which was the closest one to her, and… she missed it! Unfortunately, we didn’t get it on video. But later she attempted it again, and we were sure to get this on video. Thankfully she missed that one, too. When I track down the video, I’ll be sure to post it.

A little later on, she tried bowling with her eyes, close, which was a bad idea. The eyes, apparently, are a crucial part of the bowling process, because without the use of her eyes, the ball hit the ceiling. The ball actually hit the black light fixture, but thankfully didn’t break. It just made a big clanking sound, then a loud THUD as it hit the lane. We were lucky to get out of there without her getting kicked out or breaking something.

Upon returning to the church we had another session where we focused on the Beauty of God at the cross and in the blood of Christ. We traced the relationship of God with His Creation, and how God has continued to be merciful and gracious towards His rebellious Creation. Here’s an equation we spoke about:

A- God is purely holy, beautiful, righteous, and beautiful.
B- Man is sinful, wicked, and rebellious
C should read- therefore the holy and righteous God punishes the rebellious creation.

BUT, because of Christ, C can read like this: therefore, God, being rich in mercy, because of his great love with which He loved us, extended grace to His rebellious creation by crushing His own Son. That is the Gospel.

In the evening we went to a play at Gabrieleno High School, where two of our high schoolers, Becca Koester and Justin Carleton, were in a musical called “Lawrence”. The musical was based on a children’s book about a hedgehog whose fear kept him from being with his friends and eating his favorite desert, coconut cream pie. It was a cute musical, and the kids had a lot of fun watching their friends on stage.

That evening we went back to the church and played the game, “Rock Band”, which is like “Guitar Hero”, but with drums, bass, and vocals in addition to the guitar. It was a lot of fun watching the kids play that songs and was a fun way to wrap up the day!


5 comments on “High School Winter Camp 2008: Part 2

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    I can definitely see a “Murray” influence in this idea…great fun, but you might became permanently maimed. 😉

    Hey…I never saw YOU running down the stairs. It looked like you were just there before the kids and grabbed a spoon. Was this a “fixed” game?

  2. ehudadams says:

    you can see me running down the stairs on the first two. I ran down the stairs on the left. In fact, if you notice, on the second one, I come out of the room last and shove some kids out of the way. I actually was the first to get four in that game, but sat in the middle of the table and couldn’t get out of the chairs. that’s when I whacked my shins.

  3. Beth says:

    That IS exhausting- invent your own camp in 30 minutes! I thought you were going to either A. have company who rented you the bus say they didn’t have a bus for you or B. have the bus or car break down on the way to camp. I guess that’s the nice thing about going to a place that hold camps- some of it is done for you.

    Nice lesson- what we deserves vs. what we get. We often forget what we actually deserve.

  4. ehudadams says:

    A.- had this done the day before camp once.

    B.- This happened a couple years ago. another bus that was on the way back down the mountain from bringing kids up picked us up. Then that bus company had the nerve to try to bill us for picking us up, even though we never discussed money. They driver said he was retiring the next day, so he didn’t care what the bus company thought. I didn’t end up paying anything.

  5. Beth says:

    Yeah, that’s why I thought one of them had happend again!

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