High School Winter Camp 2008: Part 3

Sunday morning began nice and early, with Leah waking me up to let me know that Micah had a fever. Just another wrench in the plans. Today was the day that we were going to head to Disneyland for the first time since we were dating, but now we had to pack up things quickly and get them home before getting the kids off.


We left the church in a caravan of fun at 7:45, headed for DISNEYLAND! We wanted to do something that the kids would remember for the rest of their lives, and would make this camp worth it. On our way to Disney, it was raining pretty hard. Some may see this as a negative, but we saw it as a negative, because it would scare people away from Disney on a Sunday. By the time we got there, there was just a cold mist in the air.

The people at the ticket office were very kind and helpful. There are cheaper prices that youth groups can get, but you have to reserve them at least a week ahead of time, which we didn’t. But I explained the situation to them, and they were totally helpful. We got tickets about 1/3 off, got two adult tickets at $22 cheaper, and they gave me one ticket for free!

By the time we headed into Disneyland, the sun was trying to break through. We made our way right to Space Mountain, which I had not been to since it was remodeled. We walked almost all the way right up to the front of the line. We cruised through Space Mountain, then made our way to Space Tours, which is a Star Wars themed ride. When we got to the front, they asked how many were in our party, and I said 24. She said, “No, really. How many in your group?”

We had decided to stay in one group the whole day, and made a rule that you couldn’t sit next to the same person twice. This ended up creating quite a bit of excitement, as we had to find new partners for each ride. We acted like screaming fools on all the rides (example provided later), and laughed through every line. All in all, we made it on 12-13 rides in about 6 hours, with a long lunch break and numerous bathroom stops mixed in. The lines were short and we were motivated.

We hit up Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster (which I scored amazingly high on on my first time), Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain (where I got absolutely soaked and we bought a picture of us doing ‘YMCA’), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Peter Pan, Snow White, The Matterhorn, and Big Thunder Mountain. The Teacups and Jungle Cruise were closed, so we missed out on those.

Here are some pics from the day:













All in all, the weekend was a rousing success. The kids had a blast, were challenged in their view of God, and made memories for a lifetime. God was faithful to give us a weekend of fun and growth in faith. We grew together as a group, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is only one way I could describe the weekend, and this would be it:

Read the first day post here and the second day post here.


4 comments on “High School Winter Camp 2008: Part 3

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Little did I realize that our trips to Florida amusement parks were laying a foundational knowledge for “how to have the most fun at an amusement park”. Great…now you’ve let everybody know about the “rain” thing! That was a family secret!

    I’m sure Dad will want to know if you also taught them about the “supermarket stomp”. 😉

    Glad this weekend ended up being so memorable. They may recall the messages MORE than they would have had they been in the normal camp atmosphere. I’m also thankful, however, that you and the other leaders did not expire with the effort! [Just think of all the NEW knowledge you’ve gained by this experience!]

    Great pics! And, yes, I could tell who was screaming the loudest.

  2. Beth says:

    Rain ?!?!?! Oh my, oh my… you guys in CA are facing such extreme weather these days… how much rain have you received in the past month? 2 inches!!!!! oh my goodness…. it must be such a challenge to leave the house in the morning with something other than your t-shirt, shorts and sunglasses. oh my oh my…

    We’ve had about a storm every week. Home fellowship groups have been cancelled b/c of snow/sleet every week for the past month. Our women’s sleep over is post-poned this weekend due to the all-weekend storm headed our way, but, from experience they already scheduled a snow-day alternate weekend. Oh well, makes the 3 months of summer all the more glorious.

    But really, looks like you guys had fun, and makes me want to go again… with Nehemiah- he may be “ready” in another year.

  3. BethsMomToo says:

    I really got a kick out seeing you posing with Mr. Toad. I have such wonderful memories of you on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” in FL. It was your favorite….I see it still is. I remember how worried you were about the “oncoming train”. You were “driving” and you wanted to be independent, but didn’t know what to do about that train headed right at us. Finally…at the last minute… I think you yelled, “MOM !!” and I assured you it would be OK. You loved the thrill, though! Remember the year we got there early and were able to ride it consecutive times?

    Glad to see Cali still has it. FL doesn’t.

  4. ehudadams says:

    Florida doesn’t have it?! wow, I would think they would since its bigger. Yes, I made everyone go on it. But its sort of a bummer, because the ride pretty much ends up in ‘hell’. And I told everyone how I got to ride it two times in a row.

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