Jr High Winter Camp 2008: Day 3

The final morning mostly consists of packing up the disaster zone that previously been a cabin. I’m pretty sure that a few health codes were broken, and am going to start working on a ‘stench-alarm’ that will go off when the air conditions become stained with the smell of unbathed boy, and become too dangerous to inhale. We went through the traditional, “Whose toothbrush? Whose sock? Whose underwear? (that one hardly ever is answered, condemning many pairs to trash)

The final session was focused on Paul’s mantra of making himself a slave to all so that he may win the more. The main concern for almost every human, especially Americans, is the claim to freedom. The Christian, instead is called to make themselves into slaves, often forsaking personal liberties and freedoms, in order to win more to Christ. This was a great message for a bunch of self-centered Jr Highers, calling them to live with other people in mind, rather than just themselves.

He pointed out that slavery in the Old Testament allowed for slaves to obtain freedom after a certain amount of years. But the option was there for them to continue willingly serving their masters and make themselves slaves. Interestingly, there isn’t a recorded occasion of a slave doing this. It just isn’t natural for humans to do. But when we see the testimony of Christ in Philippians 2, we see our Savior humbling himself, not considering equality with God something to be grasped, and became man. He was obedient, obedient to death, even death on the cross.

One thing that EVERYONE has in common is that everyone likes being served. Everyone likes for someone to serve them and help them. He challenged us to think about our world would look if Christians everywhere became servants and slaves willingly, on account of the Gospel. Not to look to do things for self-serving purposes, but to constantly have others in mind.

The meeting ended with a few final songs from the band, who played a few bluegrass numbers. We ended up clearing a lot of our seats to the side and had a little hoedown to ourselves in the back, wrapping up a fun weekend with just having a good time with each other. Soon, the meeting ended, ending a fun camp. The bus arrived, and we headed down the mountain. For most of the kids, the real battle starts now. Nothing of what happened at camp will mean anything if their lives don’t carry out the change.

We appreciate any prayer you can give us. These kids are surrounded with temptations and calls to live against everything the Gospel demands of them. They are still growing and desperately need the power of God to follow through on their decisions and convictions. It’s a long road, but Lord willing, the grace of God will lead them down it, meeting them in their weakest moments and pushing them on in times of feasting.


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