Resolved 2008: Session 2 & 6

I’m combining the two sessions by Randy Alcorn since they were mostly the same type of message.  Alcorn was asked to come, partly because he is the author of “Heaven”, an amazing read that I recommend to everyone.  The sad thing in the church today is that far too many people are far too ignorant when it comes to the topic of Heaven.  He pointed out that many people feel overwhelmed and apprehensive when it comes to thinking about spending eternity in Heaven.  Sadly, all they think is sitting around on a cloud all day with nothing to do.

Alcorn started by saying that we, as believers, are commanded to set your mind on things above.  “When you have your happiness in Heaven, God supplies you a down payment here on earth.”  From there, he really launched into a ton of different observations about Heaven.  I didn’t really track much of a flow, so I think I’ll just provide a list of observations:

  • The present Heaven is the layover, until the resurrection.  While they are still in the presence of Christ, they are still longing for their resurrected bodies and the new heavens and new earth.
  • The future Heaven is where believers will have resurrected bodies, tasks to serve God, and life on earth as God intended it to be.
  • There is more continuity between life here and and eternity is more than we’d think.  Something he mentioned multiple times was that the new earth will very much resemble ours, but in perfection.
  • “Don’t try to be more loving than Christ and not tell people about Hell.”
  • God will be with His people and dwell with them.  The reward for believers will be God Himself, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t appreciate things that he’s created.  We can appreciate things that He’s created because whatever is good in them reflects the Creator.
  • The eternal state will be much more like the present life than we realize.

2 comments on “Resolved 2008: Session 2 & 6

  1. Beth says:

    You may want to read the book before you plug it. I read some reviews on Amazon and they say that he does a lot of speculation, pets have souls, and is confused on the millenium. I would like to read it though to find out. Those that were critical of it preferred MacArthur’s- the Glory of Heaven.

  2. ehudadams says:

    well, Rick Holland said that it was the best book on Heaven in hundreds of years, and its been lauded by everyone here. They said it isn’t a recommendation, its a ‘Must Own’. I would tend to listen to their recommendations before amazon ones. But I do plan on reading it.

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