“Three Things Thursday On Friday” Makes a Dramatic Return!

We haven’t done this in awhile, partly because I got lazy, partly because I wasn’t thinking of good topics. But here’s one:

Your Three Favorite Olympics Memories

Since we’re in the midst of the Olympics now, it has got me thinking of the Olympics in the past and what sticks out to me the most. Not to make people feel old, but I really only remember back to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Here are some conditions for the discussion:

1. They can’t be from this Olympics. I think everyone would put Michael Phelps or Dara Torres up there, and we can’t really appreciate this Olympics until they are gone and past. So nothing from this year.

2. They can be from either Summer or Winter Games.

3. They have to have taken place during your life time. So I can’t talk about Jesse Owens running in front of Hitler or Cassius Clay tearing apart the competition.

So with those three rules, here are my three things!

3. I’ve honestly found it difficult to get three big ones in my head. There is one overwhelming one and a bunch of lesser ones. So here, I’ll mention the lesser ones:

– Nancy Kerrigan winning the silver in 1994 after she was attacked. Watching Harding complain and cry on the ice was nice, too.

– Tommy Moe winning gold and silver in 94.

– Watching Jonny Moseley win the gold from the bar at the hotel we were staying while my sister was at a ski meet with Virginia Tech.

– Jamaican Bobsled team- I know this was in 88, but I vaguely remember all the hype. And it inspired ‘Cool Runnings’, so you have to recognize it!

-The US winning gold in baseball in 2000 and coached by Tommy Lasorda.

– Misty May and Kerri Walsh winning in Greece.

– Carl Lewis defeating all odds and winning the gold in 1996 in the Long Jump.

– Gail Devers and those nasty fingernails

– Kerri Strug’s vault in 1996.

– Bonnie Blair in 2000.

– Apollo Anton Ohno- before dancing with the stars.

– Rulon Gardner beating Karelin, who hadn’t been beaten in his 13 year career. He then did a cartwheel.

– Dan Jansen finally winning Gold in 1994. His sister died the day of his race in ’88, and he slipped. In 1992, he skated poorly. In 1994 he fell just before finishing when he was on record pace. But a few days later he finally won gold in his last chance. Actually, this is my official third choice.

Bad Moments

– Greg Louganis hitting his head

– Bode Miller’s failures, even letting down NH.

– US not getting gold in basketball.

– Dan and Dave falling flat before the Games actually began.

2. Michael Johnson and the Golden Shoes- This was one of the first great sprinters that I followed in 1996 in Atlanta. He is the only man to win the 200 and 400 and presently has the world record in both. (although Bolt from Jamaica just broke the 200 time.) He was a part of the 4×100 in Sydney that won gold (later taken away because a guy doped) and they all struck poses with the flag. A lot of people didn’t like it, but I thought it was pretty cool.

1. My all time favorite memory is really no surprise: The Dream Team in 1992. I still watch the tapes that we recorded of them destroying the competition and the other teams just being in awe of the players. (Actually, we just watched some a month ago with some College students. Here are some favorite memories:

– Charles Barkley not caring that it is practically an exhibition and just physically punishing people.

– Watching the guys try to set up Christian Laettner, who was just happy to be there.

– Pippen to Jordon on a fast break off the back board slam dunk.

– Teams taking pictures with them after the game.

– Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing transforming into ‘Larry and Harry’.

– Larry and Jordon’s McDonald’s commercial where they play H-O-R-S-E. “Through the window, off the scoreboard, nothing but net…”

– Somewhat related- Lithuania’s uniforms designed by the Grateful Dead.

– Unfortunate Memory- Larry Bird on the sideline laying on the ground because of his back.


3 comments on ““Three Things Thursday On Friday” Makes a Dramatic Return!

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    I was wondering for a while there why you hadn’t mentioned the original “Dream Team”. I didn’t realize you were counting down. [Man, I can’t believe you still have that video! I wonder if the poster is still in your closet?]

    Top moments for me would have to revolve around the Olympics the years you and Beth were born. You were both born during Olympic years! As a matter of fact, Beth was born during the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics. I remember watching Nadia Comeneci from my hospital bed. She received seven perfect scores of “10”. Very memorable! She’d be my #3 Favorite Olympic Memory.

    [I was “very” pregnant with you during the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. Nadia is again the one who stands out in my memory. Gymnasts from other years also stick out in my memory- Mary Lou Retton at the1884 LA Summer Olympics, and the female gymnast whose name I can’t even remember… I just remember she vaulted with an injured ankle and helped the US team win a medal.]

    In the winter Olympics the skaters and skiers were always my favorites. But when it comes to “memorable” I’d have to mention my #2 favorite memory being Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, the ski jumper from Great Britain at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. What a hoot!

    My #1 all-time favorite memory has to be the US Men’s Hockey team winning the gold in the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid. That was incredibly exciting… no one thought we could ever beat the USSR. It was a dream come true!

  2. rachaph says:

    I don’t think I paid much attention to the summer olympics until this year…. I’ve always been more into the winter Olympics.

  3. ehudadams says:

    this list includes both versions. I assumed you would pick winter olympic moments.

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