George and Mary Mueller

This week, in our series of “Forces of Faith”, I’m going over the life of George Mueller.  One highlite that I thought I’d share was his relationship with his wife.  After being married for 40 years and ministering in the orphanages together, Mary passed away.

These are some of the words that George spoke at her funeral:

“Were we happy? Verily we were. With every year our happiness increased more and more. I never saw my beloved wife at any time, when I met her unexpectedly anywhere in Bristol, without being delighted so to do. I never met her even in the Orphan Houses, without my heart being delighted so to do. Day by day, as we met in our dressing room, at the Orphan Houses, to wash our hands before dinner and tea, I was delighted to meet her, and she was equally pleased to seem. Thousands of times I told her—“My darling, I never saw you at any time, since you became my wife, without my being delighted to see you.”


One comment on “George and Mary Mueller

  1. Beth says:

    Piper read that quote on one of his sermons about Mueller- sweet.

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