Cha Cha Changes

A few changes recently have rocked my world lately.

.99 cent only?  Not so much

For those of you who have been out here, you probably have had some experience with the “.99 Cent Only” stores.  Just recently, Leah and I headed to one to get some small things for Micah to play with on the way to Hume.  You can find all kinds of fun stuff, and most everything for .99.  Some stuff is two for .99 and some are even cheaper than that.  Even the trucks say that the driver carries no more than .99 cents.  Well, those days are over.

There are 277 .99 Cent Only stores, mostly in California, and now they will be charging more than .99.  Due to inflation, they will be pricing some items above .99 cents.  In the last quarter they lost 2 cents on every share.  During the same time last year, they gained 4 cents on each share.  Apparently, they are keeping the name of the store “.99 Cent Only”.

Ray Boltz Shatters My Childhood

Like many young Christians, I was subject to the crooning of Ray Boltz.  I remember listening to his casette with “I Pledge Allegiance” and loving it.  Then I saw a music video of people standing up for their faith in the midst of trials.  Well, apparently, Boltz didn’t really believe the message.  After 32 years of marriage, Boltz has come out of the closet and gone public with his homosexuality.  Ray’s wife has come out in support and joined a religious homosexuality advocacy group.

As I heard on Way of the Master Radio and read here, Boltz came to faith after a musical experience.  Interesting that it didn’t include the preaching of God’s Word.  He thought it was the solution to his homosexuality and that things would change.  They didn’t.

Here are some quotes:

“His faith was in transition — tenants he’d adhered to all his life suddenly were up for reconsideration, but there was a peace he hadn’t felt before.

“I had a lot of questions [about faith], but at the bottom of everything was a feeling that I didn’t hate myself anymore, so in that sense I felt closer to God.”


“If you were to hold up the rule book and go, ‘Here are all the rules Christians must live by,’ did I follow every one of those rules all that time? Not at all, you know, because I kind of rejected a lot of things, but I’ve grown some even since then. I guess I felt that the church, that they had it wrong about how I felt with being gay all these years, so maybe they had it wrong about a lot of other things.”


“I don’t want to be a spokesperson, I don’t want to be a poster boy for gay Christians, I don’t want to be in a little box on TV with three other people in little boxes screaming about what the Bible says, I don’t want to be some kind of teacher or theologian — I’m just an artist and I’m just going to sing about what I feel and write about what I feel and see where it goes.”


Hogue, who worked with Boltz on his 1991 album “Another Child to Hold” and has helped him record a few new songs for a still-evolving possible new project, says he hopes for a day when Christians will see homosexuality as no more a perceived sin than it used to be for women to be ministers or for divorced Christians to hold leadership positions in churches.


“This is what it really comes down to,” he says. “If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live. It’s not like God made me this way and he’ll send me to hell if I am who he created me to be … I really feel closer to God because I no longer hate myself.”

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3 comments on “Cha Cha Changes

  1. Eric Z says:

    Hey, I noticed you still have a link to FoolishBlog on your website. You’d better take it down, because I just found out that FoolishBlog is now an adult website. I didn’t renew the domain registration a few months back, and someone picked it up and is using it for inappropriate
    purposes. Thought I should let you know as it is unlikely you want to be linking to porn. Sorry about this!!!


  2. BethsMomToo says:

    It’s interesting that by embracing his sin he now has “peace”. I suppose it all depends on your definition of “peace”. The biblical definition concerns having “peace with God”. Embracing a life of sin does not lead to that kind of peace. He may be at “peace” with his sin nature, but he doesn’t have “peace” with God.

    God didn’t “make him” a sinner. His own sin did that… just as it does all mankind. I may have been born with a sin nature, but God’s Revelation tells me there is a solution for being controlled by / enslaved to it.

  3. Dino says:

    The first is understandable but sort of funny. The second is not at all funny and not understandable. I am very surprised that he would chose to do that after years of suppresion when no one had a clue and then just to give up.

    I’ve always wanted to make a short film about a guy having an argument with a teller at the 99 cent store over what the price is. The guy is confused because he can’t find the price on the box and the teller grows angry that he can’t pick up on something that obvious. Sort of a “Who’s On First” type of skit. Naturally, chaos ensures.

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