“War of Words” by Paul David Tripp

This is a great book to read if you at all struggle with the words you use. I know that I can be known to speak rashly or quickly. The book comes from a counseling perspective about dealing with the issue of communication. Whether its in a parenting situation, a marriage relationship, or just dealing with someone you find difficult, this book is encouraging and convicting.

It has a couple of great chapters that could stand alone, such as one on confrontation and another on what true repentance in this area looks like. One of the great strengths of the book is its appeal to the layperson. This isn’t a call for just pastors to heed, but one that all of the Church are to embrace. Tripp’s desire is to have believers realize their position as Ambassador’s of God, and each of us are to use our communication to represent our King’s communication.

one of my favorite chapters was one where Tripp speaks of people following the king for all the wrong reasons. Working off the sign of Jesus feeding the 5,000, Tripp writes that these people experienced the miracle, but not the sign. the sign was to point them to Christ, but their hearts remained unrepentant.

“What was behind these people’s pursuit of Christ? What did they really want? i do not believe that they pursued Christ out of a humble submission to his messiahship and a willingness to follow him wherever he would lead. Their pursuit of Christ was born instead out of a love for self and the hope that Christ would be the one who would meet their felt needs. They were excited about following the King- but for all the wrong reasons.”

When I read this I saw this in so many lives that I minister to. Tripp goes on to say “I am afraid that many of us respond to Jesus in the same way. What moves and motivates everything we do is not a submission to God’s will and a burning desire for his glory, but our own set of personal desires and dreams. We are excited about the King because we see him as the most efficient delivery system for those dreams. You can tell what really excites us when we fall into discouragement and grumbling, when he does not deliver the “good” that we want.”

This section has given me a lot to think about as far as ministry goes and implications for CORE Week this summer. I think this would be a perfect subject to concentrate on

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2 comments on ““War of Words” by Paul David Tripp

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Though I commented elsewhere, let me repeat myself here. This was a great book! I’m glad you found it equally edifying. I’m thinking of having the Young Moms read it as their first Book Club book this winter. It will make for good discussion when we meet!

    When it comes to controlling the mouth, it’s not skill and “how-to”. It’s changing the attitude in our heart / inner man. And we change our hearts by setting our minds in the right direction – towards God and His purposes, as He has revealed them in His Word. Believers are His ambassadors in the lives of everyone they touch – family, friends, the people we meet … Our speech needs to properly reflect that.

  2. ehudadams says:

    you commented on my facebook. yeah, I like how he did a lot of how we are ambassadors and that affects everything we do and say.

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