What I Read in 2008

This past year I decided to keep track of the books that I read this past year.  Now that I’m out of seminary, I’ve been able to choose what books I read, so this was a fun year of reading.  And reading was made a lot easier when I bought a fancy little book light.  No longer did I need to read with concern that the light by my bed was keeping my wife or child awake.  I also continued a bad habit of starting a book and not finishing it.  I guess if the book was good enough, I would finish it, but there is still a sense of incompletion if I read and quit.

Along with other things, I got through 22 books this year.  The list is useful for multiple reasons.  One, it gives me a good idea of what I’m not reading.  I can see that I read too many Christian living books.  I need more theology, more puritans.  Also, it gives me a goal for the future.  Next year my goal is to top this year’s number.

  1. “Praying Backwards”   Brian Chappel
  2. “Culture Shift”    Al Mohler- I think I plowed through this in a couple sittings.  Very interesting read!
  3. “Why We’re Not Emergent”   Keven DeYoung & Ted Kluck
  4. “Perlandra”    C.S. Lewis- I had started the series a couple years ago and was encouraged to read the second one.  I haven’t gotten the courage for “That Hideous Strength”, though.
  5. “In Our Place”    J.I. Packer & Merk Dever- I read one page about five times while sitting next to John Piper on the plane.
  6. “Cross Centered Life”    C.J. Mahaney- was a small group book for our High Schoolers
  7. “Signs of the Spirit”    Sam Storms- A modern translation of Jonathan Edward’s “Religious Affections”.  We went through this in our college Bible study.
  8. “One Thing”    Sam Storms- Became somewhat a basis for our High School Winter Camp
  9. “Do Hard Things”    Brett and Alex Harris- The book we went through in our Coffee Talks with the high schoolers this past summer.
  10. “Hound of the Baskervilles”  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- I hadn’t previously read any Sherlocke Holmes books, but this was great!  I started reading short stories, too, but those shouldn’t count in a total.
  11. “Book 1- Paradise Lost”   John Milton- We went through this in our college Bible study this summer.
  12. “Red Sox Rule”   Michael Holley- about the Red Sox building the teams, starting with Epstien and Francona’s hirings.
  13. “Summer of ’49”    David Halberstam- The Sox vs. Yankee rivalry with some great stories.
  14. “Evil Under the Sun”    Agatha Christie- classic mystery by my favorite mystery author.
  15. “Respectable Sins”   Jerry Bridges
  16. “Jonathan Edwards and Hell”    Chris Morgan- probably one of my more disappointing reads.
  17. “Dawkins Delusion”   Alister McGrath- taking on Dawkin’s “The God Delusion”
  18. “War of Words”   Paul David Tripp
  19. “When God Writes Your Love Story”    Eric & Leslie Ludy- read this for our high schoolers and can reccommend it for those that want to have a Biblical perspective of their relationships.
  20. “Worldliness”  edited by CJ Mahaney
  21. “Young, Restless, Reformed”  Collin Hansen- tracing a growth in Calvinism from a journalistic perspective.
  22. “Growing Up Christian” Karl Graustein- about kids who have grown up in Christian home and dealing with issues that normally exist.  The main point is not to take the grace extended to them for granted.
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4 comments on “What I Read in 2008

  1. Dino says:

    I’ve been desperate for books so I decided to read Moby Dick and The Brother’s Karamasov. Moby dick was interesting but INCREDIBLY long! The K’ Bros’ was even longer and not very interesting but I was desperate. I was goign to force myself to keep going but I found an interesting piece of advice for the librarian Nancy Pearl: to go 50 pages into a book then decide if you want to continue, otherwise, it’s not worth your time. So I’ve stopped…fhew.

  2. Doug says:

    I have one book I’m reading on Civil War Medicine that will probably take me the rest of the year to finish. The subject matter is interesting, but the presentation is awful. It’s actually slower-going than _Mao’s China and After_, which I finally finished this year.

    I got halfway through Moby Dick and then lost the book. I did find it again, so it might be one to try.

    Of much better note on the same subject would be: In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, by Nathaniel Philbrick, which details the account of the real story that Moby Dick is based on. Philbrick also wrote the absolutely amazing _Mayflower_, which I still haven’t returned to the Costine’s. (Oops.)

    I just flipped through my book list for 2008, and can’t say I have a recommendation that tops the others. However, my all-time favorite is Robert A. Heinlein’s young adult book, _Have Space Suit – Will Travel_.

  3. BethsMomToo says:

    Don’t worry, Doug. You’re still on my “Delinquents” List…

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