Bible Reading Plans

Our church, SGUC, is encouraging the congregation to committ to reading through the Bible in one year.  We had been providing Daily Bread just as a habit formed over the years.  When we really thought of it, we thought, what better to get people reading than the Bible itself.  I would encourage you to choose a plan today, January 1st, and do your best to stick.  I found this website helpful.  It is put on by the folks at ESV and you can get scripture emailed, RSS, sent to your phone, and other options.


2 comments on “Bible Reading Plans

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    Did anyone complain when you stopped offering Daily Bread? I’m telling you, if I don’t have them in the rack two weeks before the issue begins, people are on me about it! Did you guys make an appeal from the pulpit to replace them with reading through the Bible?

    Personally, I strongly object to becoming hooked on little devotionals. I just don’t see people growing in biblical knowledge or in spiritual growth. Nothing is better than reading the Bible for yourself… in context… on a regular basis… year after year… That changes people!

    Someone once asked Martin Lloyd Jones how he managed to read the Bible for three hours every day and he replied, “I get up in the morning.”

  2. ehudadams says:

    we haven’t heard anything yet, although we haven’t had a staff meeting in a couple weeks. We anticipated some issues, but i haven’t heard of any. We basically came to the decision that there isn’t a way we would recommend it and if we wouldn’t recommend it, why do we provide it. Its obviously very shallow and often takes verses out of context. it doesn’t promote growth or challenge anyone.

    how it was presented was we were offering something. I don’t think we even told people we were taking them away. we offered the McCheyene reading plan in a pamphlet. Steve mentioned it from the pulpit, but not really as a replacement. more of an ‘opportunity’.

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