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I wanted to take a moment to let you all know of a new blog that I hope will bless you.  My friend and co-bond servant in Christ Tim Dinkins has decided to start a blog.  Tim is a graduate of BIOLA University and is going to be graduating from The Master’s Seminary this spring.  After graduation, he and his wife Lydia will be answering God’s call to foreign missions.  they will be starting off in Albania, working with Lydia’s parents who are missionaries there.  Tim also grew up on the mission field, while his parents were in Thailand.

Tim has been the intern at SGUC for a few years now, and it has been an absolute pleasure to see him grow in grace, maturity, and a knowledge of God.  He has a sensitive spirit for God’s will and desire for his life and his love for God’s Word, particularly the words of Christ and the book of Proverbs, has been an encouragement to me.  I can truly say that Tim has become a close friend and fellow servant of the Gospel.  I will truly miss his heart for God and the encouragement he has brought me, sharing an office for the last few years.

I look forward to reading what God has convicted Tim about in the future, and continuing to follow the path that God has he and his family on.  If you have found the recent posts on the Theology of Worship class helpful, I would encourage you to check out Tim’s thoughts and memories from the class, as we were able to attend it together.


One comment on “New Blog Linked

  1. timotheos says:

    Tim, thank you for those kind words. I’m going to miss working so closely with you. It will not be easy to keep Student Ministries running at such a great pace without you. But, if we ever need some Student Ministries consulting I’ll know who to call.
    I hope ehudadams keeps going strong. It will be good to see how God works in your life through the years. It will be even easier to keep connected now that your blog is linked to mine! I didn’t know you were going to do that. I’ll have to figure out how to do that on mine.
    By the way, it took me a while to come up with the title for the blog. I was inspired by “Of Preference and Principle,” but I thought writing “Of Christ and Common Sense” would be too close to plagiarizing… I tried other prepositions, but they just didn’t fit. “With Christ…By Christ…Through Christ…” So I just dropped it. Hopefully “Christ and Common Sense” will stick.

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