And We’re Off- Day 1

Day One of the historic National Countrywide Costine Tour started off with a ring.  The ring was my dad calling me on my cell phone as I slept in a room at the Haas’ house.  It was about 3:45am.  The previous evening we had discussed leaving earlier than we had planned and we landed on 5am.  Then he forgot and thought we decided on 4am.  Hence the phone call at 3:45.  Thankfully, we had gone to bed around 8:30 because we were exhausted from loading the truck.  So I sprang out of bed, got ready, and brought my stuff downstairs.  We loaded up, I got behind the wheel, and we headed off!  Getting off early was good because the roads were empty.  Here are some pics from the day!


Just past Palm Springs, after the sun started coming up.  We had already been on the road for over two hours.


Some scenery in the desert.  One thing about this trip is that it is going to be great to see the different kinds of beautiful this country’s land has to offer.


Here’s the truck and car in the middle of the desert.  Dad thought there might be somewhere to get breakfast here.  Clearly, his spidey sense was down.


Now entering Arizona!  Good bye California (for now?).  And Arnold can’t get my money anymore.  You’ll have to find someone else to tax, Ahnold!


After long periods of flatlands, I mean two hours without turning the wheel of the truck, we passed through Phoenix.  Our GPS lady tried to derail us by telling us we wanted to go to Flagstaff, but she was quickly put in her place.  Side note, the GPS unit is supposed to have different voices, so I thought we should have an Irish girl telling us where to go.  If anyone from Tom-Tom is listening, your Irish accent is horrible.

About the above picture, if you look to the right side, you’ll see the park where the Diamondbacks play.


We decided that we were going to take a little detour and go to Tombstone.  When we were almost to the exit, we saw a sign that said “All trucks 15 feet, 1 inch take 83”.  So we got off and noticed all the trucks staying on the freeway.  Upon further reflection, we decided that didn’t make any sense, but still took the long detour to Tombstone.  It was absolutely beautiful, with the rolling hills, the snow capped mountains, and the adobe houses.  We were up over 4,000 feet above sea level.


This is the courthouse at Tombstone.  It was built in 1882 and cost a lot of money to be built.


Rebuilt Tombstone.  This is Allen St.  OK Corral, is to the left there, and the gun battle took place on Fremont St on the other side.  There were some cool shops and saloons, but since Dad was driving, I didn’t want to drink alone.  (joke)


This is in the OK Corral.  To the right there is where the fire equipment was stored.


The McLaury brothers were killed in the gun battle.  Apparently, the family hasn’t let it go.


For those that are confused, these are not the actual people or even reenactors.  But there were over 30 shots and this is how close they were.  If they spent more time at the shooting range, they may have survived.  Virgil and Morgan Earp were hit, Doc was grazed, and the McLaury brothers and Bill Clanton were killed, with Ike Clanton running away unarmed.



This is a recreation of the Saloon that Wyatt bought a share of.

Tomorrow we drive through the rest of Arizona, New Mexico, and part of Texas.

5 comments on “And We’re Off- Day 1

  1. Tamara Struck says:

    Hey Tim, Glad to see you kids got off and outta here in one piece. Probably pretty sore from all that packing. I put the Chardonnay in spahgetti last night. No one knew it, but declared that it tasted better than usual. May try it in the pancakes and eggs tomorrow just to see if they notice anything new. The desk looks awesome in my house. Figuring out where it should be placed forced me to move quite a bit around, thus the need to clean in areas not touched since we moved here 2 1/2 yrs ago. So putting a desk in it’s new spot actually took about 4 hrs. The removal of cobwebs and such made my windows and blinds look dirty so I spent another 6 hrs cleaning those darn things too. I feel like I’m nesting!!!! Don’t forget to post those awesome pictures I took of you guys packing the truck 🙂 Great pics you shared…..thanks!

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    Now THIS is the way to tour the country! Avoid all the tedious riding and look at your pictures…

    Here we had a great weekend together… Beth & Nehemiah, Leah & Micah, Leah’s family, Cathy Bourouphael… we all worked together to get your place ready.

    Beth worked hard at becoming the “favorite aunt” and had great success. She discovered the way to Micah’s heart is through his stomach. He couldn’t say “Beth/Bess” enough by the end of the weekend! And I got double kisses and hugs all weekend… when one grandson gave me affection, the other insisted on doing it, too. I kinda like this “love Nana” competition.

  3. Beth says:

    OOOhh so glad you are post pics of your adventures. When I drove cross country it was up north- so I still have never seen the southwest before. I can spot dad in the maroon and orange sweatshirt…. should he have more than one sweatshirt…something to consider as his birthday is approaching.

    When we were driving around in Boston with Dad’s GPS lady it became clear that she does not pick up well on social cues.

  4. BethsMomToo says:

    Dad is using a NEW GPS lady… he got me a Tom-Tom for Christmas. Since it’s newer and has a few more features than his, he opted to take it for this trip. Do you suppose all the GPS units use the same lady?

  5. Dino says:

    Fourth photo: AAAH! Aliens!

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