Pictures of East Texas

Sorry for the great delay on posting pics from the trip, but I haven’t gone online with my own laptop since I got back.  Here are some pics from our day in East Texas.  We woke up a little later, had waffles shaped like Texas, and drove out to our family’s place in Omaha, TX.  We only drove about 5 hours or so, passing through Dallas.  We got a grand tour of the family’s fields, and had a good time visiting with family I haven’t seen since childhood.


Our hotel that night was next to a couple abandoned restaurants, one being “Jalapeno’s”.  It looked picturesque.


By far our best breakfast was the Texas shaped waffles.  Here is my first attempt.


But I was determined and we were the only ones around, so I made another.



What you see here was the worst weather that we confronted on our trip, besides the winds through Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Not bad considering it was February.  This is Dallas through a fog.


I included this for all the Ron Paul fans out there (that’s you Beth and Mike!).  So many conclusions could be drawn from this billboard.  I’ll let you fill in the comments.


This is Clarice and Rod’s place.  If you are anything like my dad, you’ll notice the old Ford tractor in the distant right.




They put donkeys out in the pasture to keep predators like coyotes away.


There was a lot of beautiful land.  At this point, my father is on the other side of the road, looking at a tractor graveyard while trying not to trespass on someone else’s land.  I chose to take a picture of this.

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