Day Six- Welcome Home!

I know its been awhile, but I’m finally loading pics onto my laptop and the last day of the road trip were on there, so here’s the last day!  img_1355My dad apparently took this picture on the last meeting.  You see the earplugs on the bed.  My dad snores so I came equipped.


img_1359Here is the first snow we spotted!  We’re getting closer to New England!

img_1360Here’s the tractor haven that my dad wanted to visit.  I stayed and read in the truck and he went searching for tires and parts.  This would be to my dad as Archives bookstore is to me.

img_1364Here we’re driving back to the freeway through Pennsylvania.  We’d go all the way to those hills and had some breathtaking views from there.  Too bad I didn’t get any good pictures.  Also, we passed a Mennonite church that said, “Visitors Welcome, Members Expected”.  that was my favorite church sign along the way.

img_1369Of course we passed many of these historical markers.  But is this really that important to be marked?

img_1371We wanted to see how much the truck weighed, so we stopped in at the truck scales.  The lady wasn’t nice at all, ignored eye contact, and refused to say “Have a nice day”, “You too”, or even “Your welcome.” But she did give us a big rig trading card.  I guess that is to encourage people to weigh their trucks.  Not sure how effective that is.

img_1375This is for “The Office” fans out there.  No sign of Jim’s cell phone on the side of the road.

img_1376Another sign we’re getting closer to New England.  You’ll notice 1. A Suburu; 2. A Peace and Smiley Face Sticker; 3. Extensive salt on the car; 4. Green Vermont License Plate.  All that is missing is a Grateful Dead sticker.

img_1378Mercifully, our time in New York was limited.  Though I did notice an error on this sign.  It’s missing “Evil” before “Empire”.

img_1381Potentially the most boring state sign.

img_1386This was hiding behind some trees and couldn’t be seen until you were on top of it.  That explains the poor angle.

img_1387A sign we’re getting closer: The Mass Turnpike!  This was always a sign we were going places.  Either on vacation or to Easter States Fair.  I also remember loving the rest area on the turnpike.  It was like an indoor city, plus an arcade.

img_1389I believe this may be the only sign we saw that was in two languages.  We’re so cultured.  There is a bigger, nicer one on the freeway.  This is just over the boarder on the main road I live on. And notice the greatest state motto.  New Hampshire is so hardcore.

img_1390And this is what welcomed me home!  This is the hat I got him at Tombstone.


2 comments on “Day Six- Welcome Home!

  1. Paul says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound buddy.

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    The surly DOT “servant” at the scales must have REALLY made you feel like you were back in New England. I remember being in Morgantown, WV once for breakfast and having the most incredibly friendly, outgoing and helpful waitress who was happy to serve me… and then, that same day, having supper at a place in Mass. and the guy wouldn’t even recognize I was standing there waiting to be served and when I called to him and MADE him serve me, he acted as if he was doing me a favor and I was really putting him out. Ah yes… home!

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