Job Possibilities- Calling All Prayers!

I wanted to post this to let you all know that I could really use your prayer this week!  After quite awhile of just applying everywhere but getting seemingly nowhere, I now have two interviews set up this week!  It has been a very frustrating process, feeling like no one is even looking at my application, and knowing it is mixed in with hundreds, if not thousands of others.  But I know that God has one out there for me, despite how the situation looks from my perspective.

The first interview is at the Home Depot in Salem tomorrow.  They were one of the first places I applied to, and a place I’ve always liked going to.  I’ve even thought in the past I wouldn’t mind working there.  I just love the smell.  I’m not sure what I’m interviewing for, but it means a lot that the HR lady there has really pursued me.  There was another store further away that I applied to also that had put a hold on my application.  She told me to wait a week and see if they contacted me.

They didn’t, so she wanted me to come to a job fair.  Then she contacted the store, couldn’t get through, left a message, called corporate to ask how she should handle it, and was told as long as I didn’t interview with them, she can pursue me.  So she called me back and said she would just rather set up an interview with me tomorrow at 11:30.

The other interview is more attractive.  I found out that Barnes and Noble was looking for a Merchandise Manager, so I made a cover letter, attached it to my resume, and dropped it off at the store with the manager’s name on it.  I even got a pointer that he is ‘Scot’ with one ‘t’.

I called back on Monday and spoke with Scot and he said he hadn’t seen my application yet.  At this point, I was a little frustrated that it didn’t make it into his hands.  But he asked people if they had received a resume in an envelope and it popped up.  He took a look at it and said that he’d like to give me a call and talk to me the following night.

When he called this evening he wanted to ask me a few questions, but was the only manager on the premises and couldn’t be on the phone for long.  So we set up an interview on Friday at 10am.

So if you are thinking of it, I would greatly appreciate your prayers during those times.  I’m nervous, especially about the Barnes and Nobles job since I would really like to be able to work at a book store.  Please pray that God’s will would be served and that I would be able to speak clearly and concisely!


3 comments on “Job Possibilities- Calling All Prayers!

  1. Burro says:

    On it.

  2. Tricia says:

    Absolutely praying! I hope all goes well.

  3. Camelia says:

    Sure thing. A book store would be a dream job for a reader like you..Will definitely pray right now.

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