Micah’s Second Birthday

As many of you saw, Micah’s second birthday was coming and he was very excited.  Well, it has come and gone and Micah is now officially TWO!!!  This birthday was very different than the last.  We live in a different state, it was much colder, there were no friends, but we had all the family there, and that was great.


Nehemiah came early to play with Micah.  Here they are having their snack on the ramp.  Nehemiah would later conquer the ramp in his riding truck, steering himself from the edges with the precision of a Formula One driver.


img_1433Micah and Nehemiah were both very impressed with the decorations.  Micah had an Elmo theme, including the Van Goghish drawing on the wall by Auntie Ashley.

img_1434Here is the Big Bird that Leah got when she was little.


img_1439Micah’s Oreo Cupcake.  Devoured like a champion.

img_1441If that wasn’t enough, we also had ice cream, or Tumnah as Micah calls it.

img_1444After dinner, cake, and ice cream, we opened presents!

img_1445Micah’s blocks!  He got a hammer block banging set.  I believe he has hit just about everything in the house other than the blocks.

img_1447Micah also got a bubble blower, making his parents obsolete.

img_1449The first and possibly last time he hit the blocks with the hammer.

img_1452Auntie Beth got him rubber animals!  He now has his own Busch Gardens to play with.

img_1453Dave ended up playing with it more than Micah.

img_1454And this is what happens if a two year old has a juice box, cupcake, and ice cream followed by presents.  Let this be a warning to parents everywhere.


One comment on “Micah’s Second Birthday

  1. Tamara Struck says:

    Wow, that kid can chow down 🙂 That cupcake and ice cream had no chance. Thanks for sharing his special event. Too fun!!!!

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