One of the gifts that Micah got for his first birthday were Batman pajamas, and until this week, they never really fit.  They are still a bit baggy, but he loves them.  Its actually a bit funny how much he has grown to like Batman in the last year without ever seeing a movie.

When we are on an airplane, one of his favorite activities is to look through the SkyMall catalogue.  On one of the pages there are some Batman things and whenever we got to that page, mom or dad had to say, “I’m a big strong man” in our best Batman impression.

Then whenever we walk through a toy section in a store, he always has to stop and look at the Batman collection.  When he’s at his grammy’s house, his uncle has some Batman guys and he has to get those guys and play with those, while doing his Batman voice.  Its funny how attached a kid can get to a movie character without ever seeing a movie.

Well, last night we put the pjs on that Matt and Donny bought him for his first birthday and this is what happened:


12 comments on “Heyman!

  1. donny says:

    ahhahahhaha. I love this. Micah is getting so wacky as he grows, much after my own heart.

  2. Meredith says:

    You are going to LOVE watching this when he is 18 years old and about to graduate from High School. My parents have been reminiscing since last september with all of Aaron’s home videos

  3. sarah bermuda says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh! apparently, he thinks batman is mama.

  4. timotheos says:

    This is classic. Keep rolling the camera and one of these days you guys are going to get on America’s Funniest Videos. You know you can win 100k if you get to the final round!

  5. Matt says:

    ahhh that is so great i love his flying it is super!

  6. Camelia says:

    Says the Joker to Matman: Why so silly?

  7. Jaime says:

    🙂 We have these jammies we are trying to grow into as well. Andy had them as a kid (and his brother Robin) – it’s a MUST HAVE boy item, for sure. I really love your videos. You’re a few steps ahead of me so now I know what I have to look forward to! hahaha.

  8. Beth says:

    Well… capes do have special powers. Nehemiah has asked me to fashion him a cape before out of towels etc… which is interesting since I don’t think he has any super hero knowledge… maybe Micah and Nehemiah will be “cape people”.

  9. Paul says:

    I hate to be “THAT GUY” but I really feel that attention must be drawn to the fact that Batman CAN’T FLY. When Micah is old enough to understand, I really think you ought to get him Superman pajamas if he’s interested in pursuing and developing the flying power. Batman has to drive a car, and rely on all sorts of gadgets due to the fact that flying is reserved for heroes with “super” powers…

  10. ehudadams says:

    Paul- it had been addressed, and when the time comes I will correct his knowledge of superheroes. And I think Superman is a stupid hero. He’s an ALIEN! there is no relating to an alien! Batman is a man with a big heart, determination, and a clear sense of justice. Superman is just an alien plopped down on a foreign planet, forced to make due with people that aren’t his own. he is not a worthy superhero.

  11. Paul says:

    No relating to an alien??? I believe Scripture says we are all aliens of a sort… Superman is not “forced to make due” with the people of Earth, it was predestined for him (based on his father’s knowledge of how our sun would empower him, remember, he didn’t have powers on Krypton) to come and to be a servant and a protector. Batman’s war on crime is driven in part by a massive “revenge factor,” rendering it basically an act of selfishness… 🙂

  12. BethsMomToo says:

    Paul, that is the most amazing theological analysis of Superman & Batman I have ever come across! You almost make sense… scary…

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