Job Update!

After a couple weeks of just contacting people and never hearing back, last week I got called in for two interviews and heard back from a couple others expressing interest in setting up interviews.  The first interview was with Home Depot, which is the first company I contacted back when I was in California.  The benefit of working at The Home Depot is that they offer insurance for part time employees, plus its Manland, as the Crabbs have called it.  And with Spring coming and some more confidence in the economy, I expected them to have a little bit of an uptick.

So I went in for an interview with them and it went really well.  But they said there were only hiring part time positions.  After thinking about it after the interview, I decided if that’s all I could get, I’d take it.  So I called back and told them I’d accept a part time job.  They said they had already filled them, but that they’d give me a temporary part time job for 89 days.  Though it was part time, they said they’d have me working 40 hours a week, and that if a full time job opened up, I could be considered for it.

I told them that I would work in a way that I would want them to take me on full time, and they were fine with that.  I should start some time next week after the background check comes through.  The only drawback is that I wouldn’t start the 90 countdown to insurance until I am taken on as officially part time or full time.

The other job is a Merchandise Manager position at Barnes and Noble.  This job would be amazing!  Basically, my responsibility would be to manage the organization of the books in the store, decided which ones are featured and how they get set up.  I would also set up special displays and make sure the store is orderly.  I would be able to study sales numbers, track sales, and be able to feature local authors.  The interview went really, really well, but I’m not holding my breath on it.  The manager said that I had a lot of qualities that qualify me for the job, but that there were a lot of people interested in the job.   And there was a man in Pennsylvania that had the same position there and was looking for a transfer.  He said corporate would like him to transfer, but said it was his decision to make.  I should know this week, but still think its a long shot.

What has been difficult is taking what is there.  What I have at Home Depot won’t suffice for the future.  But the other morning Leah and I were reading through Exodus 23 and God tells the people that He will clear out the land ahead of them in his timing.  It may have been more comforting for the nation if they showed  up and God had it all clear, but God provided for them when they needed it. He even did it in their best interest, saying that they would basically being taking care of the land until they took it over.  He didn’t want the land to be overrun with beasts, so it was in their best interest to wait on the Lord to act.

Even when they were in the wilderness, God only provided manna for the day and nothing else.  They were called to depend upon the LORD as a daily discipline.  So this is what we’re trying to learn.  But if you are praying for us, we’d still need a better job to help us live on our own, in our own place.  Until then, we will be dependent on what He provides for us each day.


4 comments on “Job Update!

  1. Lisa Quirin says:

    Hey Tim,
    I am confident that the Lord will put you in the exact place that you need to be.
    Whether it’s where you work or where you live.
    Scott and I have a little saying when we feel like we’re being put upon by trials and tribulations:
    “I hope I learn, whatever it is He is trying to teach me here, quickly!”
    Anyways, you are in our prayers.
    We look forward to hearing about all the ways you are being perfected in Christ!

  2. jrf says:

    will be praying for you. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are learning a lot!

  3. Beth says:

    It also helps to know that if it were for you eternal best God would give you the ultimate full-time job with full benefits.. He is able, it just would not be optimal for what God wants to accomplish.
    In the past couple of days all my tingling and numbness is gone and my energy has returned with being on the anticonvulsant. This time I got into the Dr.’s immediately last week and apparently got the right treatment.- after years of bad Dr.’s and bad treatments/ diagnosis. God could have chosen to allow this to happen when it all started in 2004, but instead He taught me so much through off and on chronic illness for 5 years. It’s not that He was unable, but it was the best for me to experience illness and depend on Him instead of the instant treatment.
    I’m still praying!

  4. Linda Bronkar says:

    Tim, praying for you and your family and will rejoice with you when I hear that you have found something that best uses your gifts and provides well. Love to you all and blessings during this season of your life.

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