Micah Bowling and Other Fun Things

Since we’ve returned to New Hampshire from our exile in the land of perpetual 80’s, we’ve enjoyed our time together as a family before I get back to work.  One of my and Leah’s favorite things to do is to go bowling.  Yes, we even have our own shoes (but that was more from an economic practicality standpoint.  why pay to rent when you can own?)  But we haven’t gone since Micah was much smaller, still in his carriage.  So the other morning we were trying to think of something to do outside the house on a rainy day, and we thought, why not bowling?

For those of you foreign to New England, there are two kinds of bowling.  There is what you would consider normal, bug ball bowling.  Then there is another world of candlepin bowling.  The balls are about a fourth of the size and the pins are skinnier.  They also don’t pick up the pins in between each roll and you get three shots in each frame.  Micah loved seeing the balls come up the shoot, rolling them down the stand, and pressing the buttons whenever necessary.  Here are some pics and a video from the adventure:





Fun With Uncle Dave!

Since Micah has been home, he’s spent a lot of time playing with his new best friend, Uncle Dave.







Yesterday I was enlisted to help Dave make a car for their movie night drive in at church.  Each year they make cars out of cardboard boxes, watch a movie, and have snacks.  He said he wanted a tank, I said ‘step aside’.  The turret turns and has handles inside.  The barrel opens up on the inside, so he could stick the barrel of his nerf dart gun in there and shoot out the tank.





5 comments on “Micah Bowling and Other Fun Things

  1. Ag says:

    Excuse me, what does ” Fun with Uncle Dave” have to do with me stuffing my face. I knew that was going to come back to bite me somehow, I just thought it would be later instead of sooner….. Your just jealous I got to eat it instead of you.

  2. Beth says:

    The first picture and the see-saw picture Micah looks like Nehemiah. Good idea with the bowling. I didn’t know they had those ramp things. Nice tank!

  3. Pattie says:

    Thanks for sharing your bowing adventure. Brings me back to when my parents entertained me with a day of bowling. Miss you guys! Love to you all!

  4. Nehemiah says:

    Hi Micah!

  5. BethsMomToo says:

    Those two scowls of Micah and Dave are identical! [OUR family never scowls. 🙂 ] Thanks for sharing a great video. And the tank is super!

    btw… I guess I never knew the REAL Aggie… Ha! Who knew she could open her mouth that wide?

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