Babymoon Part Deux

Leah and I took what will probably be our last opportunity to get away together before the next baby was born and spent a day and a half up in North Conway, NH.  It is a beautiful, quaint town in the mountains.  It has a picturesque train station that is still operational, great little restaurants and shops up and down the old down town, most that would satisfy every nature loving hippie in New England.

The backdrop to Conway are the mountains of NH, with two large cliffs to the west.  The hotel we stayed at lies at the foot of one of these cliffs, and has a great view over the valley and all of the peaks in the distance.  Leah and I had been wanting to get to the White Mountain Hotel for some time, and decided that it would be the destination for our time away.  She and her family frequented the hotel in years past, and she always spoke so highly of the place.

They have a heated outdoor pool, which is especially nice in the winter, when you can swim in 96 degree water while its snowing.  They also provide a free breakfast to those staying during the week, and we had delicious Amaretto french toast.

Since we were up there for a short time, we weren’t able to do a ton, but it was still refreshing.  It was actually the first time Leah had been away without Micah, which only took two years to happen.  We brought our new favorite game, Settlers of Catan, and I absolutely routed her.  The next day we went out for a very short hike.  We drove up to the top of Cathedral Ledge, and walked out to the ledge for a gorgeous view of the valley below.  Quite a breathtaking view!

We ended our time by going mini-golfing, which I thoroughly dominated.  I shot 18 holes of even par, routing my pregnant wife by 8 shots.  I was draining ten foot puts, and evading ever imaginable obstacle the course could throw at me.  All in all, it was a fun, but short time for us to spend together.  I can’t believe its taken over two years since we’ve gone away, but that was the life we lived.

Micah had a blast at his grandmother’s house and was not ready for us to pick him up. He didn’t miss us as much as we missed him.


You can barely see our hotel below.  it is on the right with the red roof.  Actual size of hotel is bigger than appears in the picture.


A fun part of our time was looking at some odd signs.  While we miss Engrich (Asian establishments with poor attempts at English), NH offers its own kinds of signs. There was one place with a couple of businesses that didn’t seem to totally understand how to clearly communicate what they do in simple terms.  The second one wouldn’t be  funny if it wasn’t right next to the first one.



The next two pictures are special for Meredith and Gabby.  It cracked us up at what Curves are like in NH.  The first one appears to be in the basement of someone’s house.  The second one just appears to be a had location.  Period.




Life As It Is Today

As you’ve probably noticed, since I’ve moved to NH, I haven’t update this much.   And if I have, it probably just consists of a picture dump of my adorable child so people can see how adorable he is.  But I have heard rumblings from far and wide, national and international (Bob), that people desire to hear how things here are going and how I’m doing.  So here is an update!

I just finished my first few weeks at The Home Depot, working in the Garden/Seasonal department.  Its only a temporary job, and it doesn’t pay enough for me to support my family in the long run, so who knows how long this will be.  But I’m learning lots of stuff I never knew before and I should be able to use a lot of this stuff later in life.  In the first week I had to learn all about grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, stones, patios, hoses, sprinklers, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, potting soil, chainsaws, trimmers, hedge trimmers, pressure washers, riding lawn mowers, push mowers, pool cleaners, grills, blowers, vacuum blowers, patio furniture, pesticides, herbicides, as well as the whole cleaning aisle, bird seed/houses, gardening tools, and everything else garden.  On top of that was all the Home Depot stuff, philosophy, computer system, schedules, customer service, and, most importantly, who to not make mad and how to avoid doing that.

So its been a very productive month as far as that goes.  One of the things I was looking forward to was working in an environment that was so different than a church.  Its been a long time since I’ve been around so many ‘unchurched’ people, most of whom don’t know or care that I was a pastor.  Even if they do, they don’t change how they would act around me.  I haven’t heard this much profanity and vulgar speech since I was in high school, and even then it wasn’t close to this.

I have enjoyed getting to know so many new people and have made it my mission to be a light for the Gospel, through actions and words.  I know that I don’t know how long I have there, so it gives it a little urgency.  This last week I started having conversations, when appropriate, and steering things towards the Gospel.  I’ve also tried to let everyone know what I used to do, hoping it creates opportunities for Christ centered conversations.

So how long will I be working there?  My attitude is I’m working there tomorrow, so that’s where God has me.  Sometimes when I’m doing something like sweeping the outside garden area or knee deep in ripped fertilizer bags I find myself amazed that just a few months ago I was a youth pastor in Southern California.  It is amazing how much God can redirect your life in such a short amount of time!