Getting Used to Two

They say that the second baby is the biggest adjustment.  When you bring your first into the world, obviously it is a big adjustment, but you are still a very portable family, and you presumably have two people to focus on one child.  Each stage offers its own difficulties, and the second one presents it’s own.

1. You forget what its like to have a totally unresponsive child.  I got used to having Micah, who can now communicate fairly clearly.  He can tell you what is wrong, what he wants, and how he is feeling.  I know how Micah is going to react to certain things, what makes him happy, how he likes to be held, what he likes to eat, and more.  I realized pretty quickly that I have to learn those things all over again.  The first time it didn’t feel like a big deal, because everything was new to us.  But now you realize how far you’ve come in the last couple of years.

2. Micah is getting more adjusted.  He likes holding her and poking her and saying “Boop!” when he pokes her.  He is being a good helping with changing her and likes taking care of his own baby girl, which he so creatively named “hannah”.  No confusion there.

3. She’s gained all of her weight back and her eyes are in a holding pattern.  We had to take her to the doctor’s for her eyes, thinking she had conjunctivitus.  But we’ve been giving her the drops they gave us, but it hasn’t gotten a lot better.  Thinking it may be a clogged tear duct.

4. Hannah is much more docile than Micah was.  She sleeps great, doesn’t cry, and isn’t bothered by noise.  The only thing is that she takes awhile to eat.  She’s still young, though, so we’re hoping that improves greatly soon.














2 comments on “Getting Used to Two

  1. BethsMomToo says:

    In the shot of her taking a bath she looks EXACTLY like you did, Tim. I don’t care what the other grandmother says! ha! Actually, she may be a “chameleon” baby like Micah was… at any given moment he could look exactly like either you or Leah. I guess they are a good combo of the two of you! […she definitely has the Costine cheek thing going, though…]

  2. BethsMomToo says:

    Micah better watch out. She DOES look like she could be Nehemiah’s sister, as he keeps claiming. [“I have a new sister.”] On the other hand, he says Micah is his brother. He understands they are family, he just doesn’t get the “cousin” thing. I even think he understands that you and Beth were once Nana & Papa’s kids.

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